April 20, 2024

For many, Dubai is just a place with expensive cars and a luxurious lifestyle, and that’s one of the facts about the Emirate. This city is loaded with sky-high edifice and blooming nature sceneries, and you can experience endless coastline to the hot red desert. However, it is just one side of the coin, and the other side is yet to be revealed. 

In this article, let’s discuss the top art galleries in Dubai that you must explore.

Top and must see art galleries in Dubai

The Third Line

The Third Line is one of the prominent art galleries in Dubai. It first opened for the locals and visitors in 2005. The gallery has given the space for the art of a middle eastern artist. The Third Line has gained popularity locally as well as internationally. 

Fann A Porter

The Fann A Porter art gallery is popularly known for its spaces consisting of contemporary arts and was inaugurated in 2006. This art gallery has an active community that supports and allocates the space in Fann A Porter for the art and the artist. They even have a design studio and cafe to offer and contribute to many educational initiatives. So, for the art enthusiast, it’s a golden opportunity. 

Lawrie Shabibi

This art gallery entered Dubai in 2011. The Lawrie Shabibi is located in the districts of Dubai – Al Quoz. And over the year, it has become one of the leading spaces for the contemporary arts. 

Ayyam Gallery

The Ayyam Gallery is originally from Damascus and found in 2006. This art gallery has extended to the leading cities globally, such as Beirut, Dubai, London, and Jeddah. Khaled and Hisham Samawi are the founders of Ayyam Gallery. Contemporary art in Syria has always been the centre of attraction in the gallery, and they are more focused on nurturing arts from the Middle East. 

1×1 Art Gallery

The 1×1 Art Gallery has been around the city since 1996 in the Al Quoz district. This art gallery purely promotes Indian contemporary art. However, it has now extended its arms to nurture talent from Emirate and the Middle East. They have found Malini Gulrajani to give the space for the art from the middle east. The 1×1 Art Gallery has showcased the arts on many international stages. They even support the individual creator. 

Opera Gallery

The Opera Gallary is amongst the most visited art gallery in the Emirate that regularly promotes and showcases the most expensive things at an auction. The works like Botero, Chagall, and Matisse are currently on the show. The entry is absolutely free, so visit the Opera Gallery and explore the world of arts.

The Empty Quarter

This art gallery is proudly known as the art hub of the city. The Empty Quarter is the only fine art photography gallery in Dubai. You can witness the work of the world’s most outstanding photographers regularly. 


The Artspace is the art gallery founded in 2003 and continuously promotes art from the Middle East to the world. They recently started showing the art of Syrian painter – Saad Yagan, who is a known contemporary artist in Syria. So, visit the Artspace and sense the modern creative vibe. To see these outstanding galleries in the Emirate, you can hire Dubai luxury cars at a cost-friendly price. 


The Tashkeel is not only the art gallery, the place to nurture and promote the arts and the artist for the future. Since 2008, it has marked active participation in the top programs in the UAE. 

They also conduct workshops across the Emirate. 

Elmira Gallery

The Elmira Gallery is all about showcasing the work in the Middle East and displays their pieces on an international stage. They first found Elmira Gallery in 1994 in Tunisia and entered Dubai in 2015. They have a massive collection of contemporary arts on display. So, go and get ready to dive deep into the vibes of art. 

Final thoughts

This given list proves that Dubai is not just a place for luxurious, extravagant things. But the place with thousands of arts and artists. You can witness the realistic and the most creative art form from the middle east. Most galleries offer free displays or enter the gallery at a reasonable cost. So, if you are in the Emirate, spare some time and explore the world of art and feel the vibes. 

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