May 29, 2024
Accounting aat

The most searched  AAT certification is the AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting, which is recognised by The AAT and is your gateway to a successful career in accounting. This AAT Level 2 course provides you with practical, real-world skills that you can apply in the workplace. It provides a solid foundation in financial management, with topics such as double-entry bookkeeping, basic costing, and accounting software usage covered. The AAT Level 2 from Future Connect certification is excellent for those seeking a knowledge level that will provide them with a solid foundation in the accounting sector through the AAT qualification framework.

What is the course description of AAT level 2?

The Foundation Certificate AAT level 2 in Accounting prepares you to work as an accounting team. The AAT certificate is an excellent method to begin a career in accounting or finance and validate your present skills and experience with a globally recognised certification. The skills you’ll gain will help you advance to the next level in your profession. This AAT course gives you the skills you’ll need to become a certified accountant or a part of an accounting team, and it’s the first step toward a rewarding career in accounting or finance. Also appropriate if you’re starting in your profession or need to demonstrate your financial knowledge and talents with an internationally recognised credential.

AAT level 2 consists of five units:

Before jumping on to the next chapter, you will learn each unit one at a time and take an exam after each unit. 

Bookkeeping transactions

  1. It instructs you on using the double-entry accounting system (debits and credits).
  2. It teaches you how to recognise the many sorts of accounts (expense, income, asset, and liability) and what to do with them.
  1. It is the most difficult unit in the AAT certification, but it is also crucial.
  1. This training course will get you started on your AAT adventure and prepare you for the remainder of the system.

Bookkeeping controls

  1. It is a continuation of what you learned in the accounting transactions class.
  1. This section will show you how to utilise the control accounts, spot mistakes, and write journal entries to repair or amend any errors.

Costing components

  1. Management accounting is the basis of this foundation.
  1. It will show you how to evaluate inventories, classify expenses, and deal with overhead expenditures.
  1. If you can master these approaches, you will be well ready for the level 3 and 4 management units.

Synoptic at a fundamental level

  1. It will assist in describing the ins and outs of working in an office setting. It will teach you proper working procedures as well as some professional ethics.
  2. This test is distinct in that it will feature questions from all three modules (bookkeeping transactions, bookkeeping controls and elements of costing).
  1. It is a test to see if you remember everything you learned in the previous three units.
  1. A written activity is also in this test. You’ll need to demonstrate your understanding of a subject by writing an explanation.

Making use of accounting software

  1. This tutorial will show you how to utilise accounting software.
  1. You’ll learn how to use the programme, appropriately input data, and create reports that display the data in a useful way.
  1. It is a fun unit to do because it’s all done with software. It is critical to understand because most firms today use accounting software.

You must pass five tests for each team mentioned above to obtain the full AAT level 2 certificate.

What is the purpose of AAT?

The AAT Accounting Qualification is highly regarded in the financial world. It provides students with all of the necessary practical skills to pursue a career in finance. AAT certifications are internationally recognised and are often required for various accounting roles. They are ideal for anybody seriously contemplating a career in accounting since they may be studied regardless of age, experience, or previous qualifications.

Who needs this AAT level 2 course?

If you want to start a profession in accountancy with a certificate from an award-winning organisation, this course is for you. It’ll give you a solid basis for studying AAT concepts at a higher level. It’s also great if you’re going to authenticate your accounting and finance knowledge to get a career in accounting.

What are the Requirements of the AAT level 2 course?

The AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting – Level 2 has no set entrance criteria. This certificate will prepare you for entry-level accounting positions. It provides a strong foundation in financial management, with topics ranging from double-entry bookkeeping to fundamental costing principles and accounting software use. It is where the majority of students will begin.

What are the criteria to evaluate it?

Students must complete five computer-based tests to receive this certification. We will assist you in passing your exams by providing progressive tests that run throughout the course and example answers for self-evaluation. The amount of the training does not include the assessment costs. You have two alternatives when it comes to taking your assessments:

Online Assessments: To arrange and pay for your assessment from the convenience of your own home, please get in touch with Future Connect’s Customer Service.

Test Center Assessments: You can still take your test in an AAT-approved assessment location.

Career Path in AAT level 2

The following are examples of the kind of jobs you might apply for:

  1. Administrator of Accounts
  1. Assistant in Accounting
  1. Ledger Clerk (Purchase/Sale)
  1. Clerk, Accounts Payable
  1. Accounting Technician Trainee
  1. Finance Assistant Trainee


The AAT level 2 qualification in accounting is the first step in the AAT programme. The most critical stage of all is to complete Level 2 AAT. The AAT certificate level will teach you all of the accounting fundamentals. Furthermore, it will provide a solid basis for your future career in accounting. As a result, you’ll be better prepared to succeed in the subsequent stages of the AAT certificate. In other words, you will struggle with the following levels of the AAT trip if you do not complete level 2 AAT and master the foundations.

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