November 29, 2023
candle boxes
Candle boxes have come a long way from being the source of light during the night. Now they are an item of decoration or even used for therapy.

Candle boxes have come a long way from being the source of light during the night. Now they are an item of decoration or even used for therapy. There are varied uses of candles today, and they continue to evolve with time. Similarly, candle boxes have taken a turn for the better. They have progressed with candles and come with all sorts of packaging options and adornments. Here, we will look at the importance of custom candle boxes and their impact on boosting the candles business.

What are custom candle boxes?

Custom candles boxes are the ones that are tailor-made for your candles. They carry specific color schemes, designs, graphics, logos, labels, etc., that represent your company. You get them made according to your specifications and in a particular order. They are not regular-sized plain boxes that you get from the market in bulk.

Different types of custom candle boxes:

Pillow boxes:

As the name implies, a pillow box is shaped like a pillow. You can pack one or more candles in a pillow box according to your need. They provide candles with all the support they need and save them from corrosion and wear and tear.

Window boxes:

A window box has a cut-out on the box to make part of the candle visible. This cut-out or window can be in any shape or design. To cover the cut-out, a transparent plastic sheet is used. Windows makes it easy for the customer to see the product and decide to buy.

Cylindrical boxes:

A cylindrical box complements the shape of the candle and is ideal for its packaging. It looks great and makes for a perfect gift. There are tons of decorative options on a cylindrical box to appeal.

Display boxes:

They are placed conspicuously in a store to attract customers. Their primary purpose is to showcase the candles prominently. Usually, display boxes are used for new products or new designs.

Top reasons to consider custom candle boxes:

There are several reasons to consider custom candle boxes for your business. Some of the more significant ones are as follows;

Customized packaging is ideal for gifts:

Many candle makers produce a fine line of gift candles. These candles are created and packed aesthetically for those people who want to buy them as gifts. We all know, candles are popular gift items. It makes sense to have them gift-wrapped to facilitate potential buyers. In this way, customized packing will also increase your sales.

They allow you to display your brand:

Packaging is no longer just a protective layer for the product. It is also an opportunity to promote your brand and company’s logo to the general public. Custom candle boxes give you ample room to display all that and other information related to your company.

High-quality custom packaging gives a premium feel:

Take a survey; every plush item is classy packaging to match the product. If a product is packed creatively and aesthetically, it will impress the customers. He will unconsciously treat it as a luxury item. The same goes for bespoke candle packing. It is there to make a striking impact on the customers and give them a lavish feel. It will positively affect your sales.

Custom packing provides ideal protection:

The primary purpose of any packing is to protect the product. If the packaging looks all good but is not safeguarding the product, then it is not practical. Custom candle boxes are produced with this crucial aspect in mind. Candles are fragile; they need protection from harsh and extreme weather and require careful handling. Custom packaging ably covers the candles and keeps them safe from any mishap.

Go for different packaging materials for making a lasting impact:

Usually, candle boxes are made of cardboard stock material. It is a sturdy and reliable material for producing any package. But there are other options too. You can go for Kraft paper, which is an eco-friendly packaging sheet. Then there is corrugated material that provides an extra-strength thanks to its unique structure. Different packing materials appeal to other customers. It would help if you used all of them for maximum benefit.

As a candle maker, if you are looking for a reliable supplier of custom candle boxes, then look further than Fast Custom Boxes. It is a company with both the expertise and the experience to produce quality boxes in all forms and sizes. They know all the latest coating, finishing, and printing techniques to make your custom boxes genuinely stand out in the crowd. With competitive pricing, fast turnaround, and worldwide shipping, you have got yourself a reliable business partner in them.

Candle Boxes

Candle box openings:

Candle box openings can be in different styles. You can opt for sealed-end boxes, mailer box openings, tuck-end openings, and two-piece openings, among others. The purpose of these styles is to give the users a comfortable and unique unboxing and opening experience. If the opening mechanism is complex and tedious, then it will ruin the impression for the customer, and he would lose interest in the product even before losing it.

Printing and finishing options for custom candle boxes:

You can choose from different printing and finishing styles that are available now. These may include;

  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing
  • UV spot printing
  • Gold or silver foil stamping
  • Debossing and embossing
  • Matte or gloss finishing
  • Plain or printed lamination


That pretty much wraps up our write-up on custom candle boxes. We have highlighted some of the most important benefits of these packaging and how they can positively impact your candles’ business. As a candle maker, we hope you realize how important they are for your business.

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