May 22, 2024

Farmlands cover more than half of all the land in Kentucky where there are around 75,000 farms with the average farm measuring 172 acres approximately. While it’s all very well to have a large farm, as a farmer, you know better than most others what it takes to profitably run such a large farm. There is a long list of productive work that can be done on a farm but it also requires substantial investments. The profit margin on farm output is not so much that you can save enough to fund all your investments on livestock or for your next crop. There will always be some shortfall or the other and to tackle that, you will need hassle-free agriculture funding in Kentucky. 

Depending on the kind of farming you do, the investments are going to be that much more or less. However, many farmers don’t depend on a single mode of farming and they tend to mix it up a bit while many others mix it up substantially. The demand for the different types of farm products can vary from one season to another and so will the profit margins. On many occasions, you would even have to endure losses when you may not even be able to recover your investments. It is precisely for these situations that you have the option of accessing business loans in Kentucky for farming. 

Running short of cash to pay labor costs? 

Although a fair amount of mechanization has come into the farms, it is not easy for the average farmer to afford those kinds of machines, equipment and systems even partially let alone fully. Hence, it is way more affordable to use human labor to get the farm work done at different stages. 

Employing human labor resources comes with one essential compliance which is to ensure that you pay their wages on time. However, that requires regular cash flow which is not always easy to ensure in any kind of business and there would always be some volatility. You need not panic and start wondering “Where can I find business funding near me in Kentucky?”  

Struggling to meet the cost of feed for livestock? 

If you are a livestock farmer you would know that there are scores of resources that are needed to manage hundreds or even thousands of animals. In fact, it is well-known that the cost of feed for livestock accounts for over 32% of the cost of a farm that is dedicated to livestock. 

Aside from the cost of feed, there are other essential costs like shelters and medical care for the animals, and a lot more. Overall, the cost of livestock farming is substantial and there is always the risk of poor market conditions affecting your cash flow. In this situation, you can access much-needed cash from a company offering asset based lending in Kentucky. 

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