June 24, 2024
5 Reasons Why Good Authors Don't Want Royalties.

Most authors hate the idea of royalties. It’s not that they don’t want to be paid for their writing-it’s that they don’t want the work to be recognized and rewarded when it is published in a way that doesn’t reflect the author’s original intentions. The change from selling books to using digital platforms has been hard for authors who used to sell their work, but many are now embracing this change and are becoming content creators. Here are some reasons why good authors don’t want royalties.


What Royalties Teach Us

One of the most important things a great author’s work teaches us is that it was produced with passion. When good authors produce their work, they do it because they truly love what they do. They put in the hours to create something for their audience, and they want everyone to know about it. This originality is what makes an author’s work special and unique from other people’s works.

A second thing royalties teach us is that an author’s success isn’t solely up to chance or luck-it takes dedication and hard work. An author has to be willing to put in the time, effort, and determination to create a quality product that will be enjoyed by readers everywhere.

Royalties also make us realize how much money authors deserve. It doesn’t matter how many copies are sold of an author’s book-the only thing that matters is if someone reads it and enjoys it enough to share with others as well. Royalties show us how much more money we should ask for our products-it lets us feel like we’re worth every penny of our worth based on the hours spent writing or publishing something in the first place.


Royalties Teach Us That We Are Not Allowed To Be As Creative As We Want

One of the most common reasons authors don’t want royalties is because it teaches them that they are not allowed to be as creative as they want.

Royalties tell authors how much their work is worth based on its marketability, which can sometimes make authors feel like they are not allowed to break into a new genre or use a different style than what’s popular. For example, if an author writes a book in the literary fiction genre, but no one has ever heard of that sort of writing before, the royalty could be low because many people haven’t bought any books in that genre before. Royalties also make authors think they need permission from agents and publishers to write something new and different-they aren’t allowed to experiment without permission. Additionally, royalties are based on profit made off of the work’s sales-not actually on the amount of time invested into writing it.


Royalties Make Writers Feel Like A Slave

Royalties make writers feel like a slave. When you submit your piece to a publisher, they will take their time processing it and editing it before publication. They may also choose to only publish it if they can make money off of it in some way. This process can be quite long, especially for smaller publications. You might be working on something for months or even years before someone decides to publish your work. Royalties don’t allow authors the freedom to do what they want with their writing the way that publishers do-they are still beholden to the publishing industry and have no choice but to follow their rules.


Royalties Make Authors Uninterested In Writing

If authors are getting paid for their work, they are less likely to write because they know that they will make money. Royalties also make the author less interested in the writing process and Get Pro Writer in publishing their work. The publishing industry is so competitive that authors who produce material and then try to monetize it through royalties have a tough time doing so. If an author wants to get paid for their writing, they can publish on platforms such as Wattpad or Patreon instead.



Many authors don’t want royalties because of the lack of control that publishers have over their work. Royalties make authors feel like they’re working for the company, not for themselves and can make them feel like a slave. Royalties also teach us that we’re not allowed to be as creative as we want, and can make authors uninterested in writing altogether.

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