June 16, 2024

You can contemplate looking down at Maharashtra from the highest spot. Kalsubai hike popularly referred to by the name of Maharashtra Everest or the highest hill in Maharashtra is a thrilling perspective from its highest point. Take a hike to Kalsubai and you’ll discover a wooded trail. Even if the god of rain causes your trek to be difficult, you’ll be rewarded at the final. The peak’s brisk breeze might cause a jolt however its tune will be heard for an extended period of time. Kalsubai Maharashtra’s highest point is situated within the Western Ghats. It’s 1646 m above sea level (5400 feet). Tourists can visit the famed Kalsubai temple which is in the summer months.

From a hiker’s perspective all of the range looks beautiful. Even though it’s a small area it is home to many of the most awe-inspiring peaks as well as the most difficult forts. From east to west the range comprises three forts: Kulang, Madan, and Alang. Each fort can be seen from the summit of the Kalsubai Peak. In the monsoon season the mountain offers breathtaking panoramas across the Sahyadri range and also an amazing view of Bhandardara. This is the place where happiness knows no boundaries and where your eyes never blink to appreciate the majestic beauty of an endless mountain range and where the cool breeze kisses your cheeks since there is no other mountain at the same height. Flowers blooming on the mountain as well as the lush green panorama makes an area of one the most beautiful places of the Western Ghats.


The summit draws a huge number of pilgrims and trekkers that are eager to climb the summit. There are well-marked trails up to the top. The most popular route follows the eastern slope starting from the village at the base of Bari. There is Waki river, which is a part of Pravara, is located on the eastern slope of the mountain and flows as a stream along Bari’s fringes. A Hanuman temple has been built close to the river. It serves as a crucial point of reference to start the hike as well as a stopping spot for those who are nearing the end of their walk. The pathway from behind the temple will lead directly to the summit. The route is made up of slopes that are easy to climb and dangerous granite ledges with views down into the valley. Because of the increasing pedestrian traffic in recent years The government has constructed iron ladders on the steep slopes. These ladders aid trekkers and allow for a simpler and secure ascent. The route through Indore is mostly undiscovered since very few people know about it. In contrast to the more popular route via Bari with fixed ladders, steps that are cemented as well as a huge crowd during monsoon however, the road through Indore is rough, and includes the steps made of stone and an iron chain that provides support in the risky places.

Trek Route

The most popular trek is one facing to the east. It begins at the base of the town of Bari. The Waki is a tributary of the Pravara River, flows like small streams through the village of Bari. In a short distance is the Hanuman Mandir, which serves as a resting place. To those who are nearing the conclusion of their trek. or the point of departure for a hike. The village villagers assist hikers in their trek and tourism in the region directly or indirectly employs these individuals. Every year, people from cities come to the area to experience the spirit of villages. These people take care of each visitor that is to this place. Hanuman Mandir is a must-see. Hanuman Mandir is a fantastic landmark, and the pathway that runs behind it will lead directly to the summit. The path for trekking consists of a variety of combinations of both easy and challenging routes. From low to high slopes and rock formations that make the trek difficult but you’ll definitely be enjoying the trek. Recently the government has created iron ladders that go from duty to the footfall.

The Best Time Ever

Monsoons are the best time to go to the area as you will see nature at its best. But, if you’re travelling during winter months, make sure you bring warm clothes along! The summer season can be very challenging for certain people. You’ll see beautiful green landscapes and walk through torrential rain. Even though the monsoon time is the most crowded the trail can be extremely crowded with as many as 3000 people utilising it at any one moment. Because of the slushy surface it can become extremely slippery and hazardous. It’s also difficult to have clear views at this time of the year. It’s advised to stay clear of it. The most beautiful months fall between September and October. In the fall months the surrounding peaks as well as forts can be seen. You can stroll through meadows that are dotted that are filled with an array of flowers. Similar flowers to those found in the Kaas plateau can be seen in this area. On the ladders made of iron, snake-lovers may spot a variety of exotic species. Night walks are most enjoyable between November and April when the weather is perfect for stunning sunrises from the peak.

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