February 26, 2024

Decorating your cake is crucial because it not only seals the flavors and richness inside your cake but also gives it a gorgeous look inside the Custom Bakery Boxes. Cakes are the stars of any event, so bakers use their creativity and aesthetic sense while decorating to keep them in the spotlight. The creamy and delightful toppings on the cakes improve their appearance and make a mouthwatering treat to attract customers. Moreover, these toppings maintain the moistness of cakes for a couple of days.

All the toppings are not exact. The richness of their cream cap defines their category. Bakers adopt several alluring icing and frosting techniques and packaging ideas to stand out from their custom cake boxes on the display shelf of any bakery.

What Is Frosting?

The frosting is a whipped topping created by whisking the butter and sugar together until it becomes fluffier and light. Then, vanilla and Cocoa powder is added to the frosting to give it a different flavor.

What Is Icing?

Icing is the pastry topping created by mixing the milk, cream, lemon, or any other liquid with sugar until it becomes smoother, glazier, and fluffier. Different food colorings are added to the icing to make it colorful and beautiful.

Difference Between Frosting and Icing

The frosting is thicker and velvety as compared to the icing. Icing is thinner and flowy, so it sets well on the cake after pouring or drizzling on cakes. Icing is a bit runnier solution. It does not spread on cakes like frosting. The main ingredient in icing is sugar, but the main ingredient is butter or cream for the frosting. Another difference is that frosting is always whipped, but the icing is mixed. Frosting can hold its shapes to make various designs, but icing cannot hold its shape. The frosting has a buttery taste, but the icing is sugary.

Furthermore, frosting is opaque, but the icing is translucent that becomes opaque when it cools down. The frosting is fluffy and suitable for adding color and texture. Still, the icing is smooth in its appearance and ideal for adding shine and glaze to your cakes.

Types of Frosting

When bakers want to add beautiful texture and silkiness to their cakes, they select frosting to top their cakes. There are four main types of frosting that bakers use to shape their cakes into mouthwatering delicacies.


When the butter or rich cream is whipped enough with icing sugar or powdered sugar, a smooth and creamier texture is made. This texture is known as American buttercream. This topping is the basic topping to cover the cakes with twists, coating, and floral patterns. In addition, different food colors are added to them that make them more attractive.

Meringue Buttercream

Another topping is the meringue buttercream made by beating egg whites with sugar over hot water. At the same time, butter/cream is poured into it gradually until it forms a smooth, silky texture. Meringue buttercream is a quick method of frosting.

Cream Cheese Frosting

When cream cheese, butter, and icing sugar are whisked together at room temperature, cream cheese frosting is produced. This frosting is used to decorate red-velvet, strawberry, carrot, or fruit cupcakes. Moreover, some extra flavors like caramel, vanilla, kiwi, and Nutella are added to enhance its taste further.

Whipped Cream Frosting

The heavy or double cream is whisked with sugar over the ice-chilled water, forming a fluffy, gooey texture. This frosting is very famous for decorating cakes. Therefore, it is less sweet and often served with sweet treats as a complimentary dessert.

Types of Icing

When the bakers need to add a thin layer of sweetness and shine on top of the cakes and cookies, they opt for icing because it is simple. There are following three types that bakers usually follow.

Standard Icing

This icing is prepared by mixing sugar with milk, cream, lemon juice, or other liquid. Later, a tinch of butter or vanilla essence is added to enhance the flavor.

Royal Icing

Royal icing is made by mixing powdered sugar with whisked egg whites. Whisked egg whites are also known as meringue. Some bakers use meringue powder rather than eggs to make the mixture. This mixture is used chiefly to decorate cookies.

Fondant Icing

Fondant icing is a mixture of sugar, butter, water, and gelatin or marshmallow. This mixture is hardened when it completely dries out and forms a dough paste. For this reason, bakers use it to sculpt their cakes in various designs and shapes. Fondant cakes are famous for birthday and theme parties. That is why they are customized to unique shapes of cartoon characters and desired objects.

Tools That Help in Frosting and Icing the Cake

Decorating cakes is no less than art as it builds the beauty of your cake along with flavors. Whether you are a pro or beginner and want to give your cake a professional look and feel, you will need tools to frost your cake. These tools include a cake leveler, cake turntable, spatula, cake airbrush, scrapper, piping nozzles, piping bags, cake smoother, and frosting comb. Decorating tools help bakers enhance the beauty of their cakes. Still, they also help secure hectic work involved in cake making. In addition, these tools give smooth and finished textures to the cakes that allure the customers to buy custom bakery boxes from the display shelf.

How to Package to Secure the Topping of Your Cake

You have made a delicious cake with perfect decorations and styling, but what if it’s cream cam slides or rubs with a custom cake box from inside. All your efforts will go in the trash when such a thing happens. So, to secure cake decorations and toppings, it is crucial to choose such Custom 

Boxes with Logo suitable for keeping them.

The size of custom cake boxes must exactly match the cake board’s length. Due to tight packaging, there will be no room for cakes to move. Moreover, the height of custom bakery boxes must be two inches higher than the frosting so that it may not slide with the top flip of the package during any shake or jerk. Custom bakery boxes with cut-out windows are used to increase product visibility. These display boxes are specially designed with transparent PVC films, making them see-through.

Furthermore, their convenient display excites the customers and protects the cakes from dust, water, and moisture. Product visibility through these display boxes helps customers secure their cake frosting from spoilage. In addition, they can transport them carefully by viewing them.

OBT Packaging is the best packaging solution to create Custom bakery boxes. They make high-grade, atmospheric-resistant, and durable die-cut window bakery boxes that help you stand out in the market. Moreover, they provide stylish, trendy, cost-effective, and eco-friendly Custom Boxes with Logos.  

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