May 24, 2024

In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan 2022 provides many facilities. Ramadan is a month of great spiritual significance when Muslims observe fasting. While it is well known that the Muslim community abstains from eating during daylight hours, there are more less-known rules and traditions associated with the holy month.

What Does Ramadan Mean and Who Qualifies?

Muslims over puberty and who are in good health are permitted to observe sawm in Ramadan 2022 UK, but some may not adhere to it entirely or just for a day. These include: Before puberty, illness, or infirmity; and pregnancy.

A Muslim may also need to miss a day of fasting due to a legitimate reason such as traveling in order to perform work. Ramadan 2022 UK can provide your local imam guidance if you have any doubt that your reason is valid.

Fidya and kaffarah

Fidya is a payment for each day that a Muslim misses their fast, based on the cost of feeding one person per day, which is roughly £5 per person per day. This payment is also due for an accidentally broken fast.

Nevertheless, if a Muslim fails to fast or intentionally breaks a fast based on their reasoning, then he or she must pay kaffarah in order to make the fast valid. For 60 people per day, the cost of feeding is £5 per head – so a kaffarah payment of £300 is required for each day of incomplete fasting. If you miss a single day, the 60 days will restart. Alternatively, commit to fasting for 60 days consecutively.

What Do You Can’t Do During Ramadan?

Even though the rules may seem complex to non-Muslims, they are quite simple. Ramadan 2022 and the fast provide a great opportunity for Muslims to immerse themselves in their faith, with many reciting the Holy Qur’an from start to finish.

Suhoor, the morning meal, is eaten before sunrise by Muslims, and it is completed before fajr. Fasting Muslims must refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, swearing, or engaging in sexual activity once dawn breaks. As a result, Muslims should take enough provisions during the day since, due to food and water shortages, they may feel tired and drained.

Fasting is a great time for reflection as well as giving thanks for everything that we have, so instead of doing regular daily activities during this time, it is better for those fasting to reduce the number of activities they do as much as possible. The full-body cleansing ritual of ghusl needs to be performed before the morning prayers if you have engaged in sexual activity before fasting.

Performing ghusl before performing the morning prayers is also required for women who have completed their menstrual cycle. Most families do not expect children to fast, however some families encourage them (especially older children) to fast for part of the day on some days or part of the week to prepare for what they will encounter in adulthood. After puberty (post-pubescent), those who observe Ramadan 2022 are expected to fast.

Dates are traditionally eaten after sunset before iftar dinner to break the fast. Muslim men and women are now again permitted to engage in the activities they have been abstaining from during the daytime (eating, drinking etc.).

Islamic mission In This Ramadan 2022 UK

As well as perceiving the fast, Muslims must also pay their compulsory Zakat and Fitrana payment in the month of Ramadan before the Eid prayers. You can make your donation with UK Islamic Mission, who will confirm your payment is used and circulated fairly between those most in need.

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