December 2, 2023
Annapurna base camp trek


Annapurna Base Camp Trek among the most well-known treks for adventure that originate from Nepal. It’s a hike up to 4200m above sea level, which leads to Annapurna Base. This trek will give you an insight into the way life can be more pleasant and demanding at the same time.

An overview of the trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a lengthy trek that generally will take between 8 and 10 days. You should be prepared to take on some tough trails to reach the beginning point of the trek. At first, you may decide to fly towards Kathmandu from Delhi to make your journey easier since the train ride is more challenging to traverse.

From the capital city, Kathmandu, to Pokhara you could take another flight. From Phokara you can take a bus or cab to Ghandruk. There are specific permits you must obtain through the Nepal government to begin your trek. The ideal time to hike towards Annapurna Base is during the months of September through November.

Some essentials before you trek

There are certain essentials that you must take along during this trek, and this is dependent on the time of the year you’re going to trek. In winter, you will require trekking shoes as well as microspikes as there is lots of snow everywhere and this can cause slippery slopes. It is not necessary to purchase water bottles, but you could bring bottles and fill them regularly from the streams that can be found every often.

From Delhi to Kathmandu to Pokhara

You can arrange a flight, or a train from Kathmandu and then Delhi. However, you should be aware that getting to Kathmandu by train can take an extended amount of time. Therefore, make a rational decision about the best method to get to Kathmandu.

In Kathmandu, Pokhara is approximately 250 miles away. Therefore, you can select an air flight to get there since the terrain is undulating and the mode of flight is safe and comfortable. Pokhara is a warm and cozy spot and you will find everything there.

From Pokhara to Nayapul to Tikhedhunga

It’s a half hour drive to Nayapul out of Pokhara. Once you arrive at Nayapul you can make an pause and relax until the next day, so that you can begin your journey the following day towards Tikedhunga. On the following day, following only a few minutes to Nayapul you will cross an amazing bridge named Komorong Danda, which is the first checkpoint at which you must show your permit. After confirming permits, you’ll find two routes to the bridge.

One route takes you towards Ghandruk while the other goes towards Ghorepani. If you are looking to conquer Poon Hill you can take the Ghorepani trek route. There are well-maintained signs on the route making it easier even if you’re not employing guides.

You can get to Poon Hill after a 45 minutes hike across the bridge. The hike to Tikhedhunga is slightly uphill starting out of Tadamani along with Chhomrong. In order to gain relief from the steepness you could stop at a small distance during your trek.

From Chhomrong to Sinuwa

The path that leads to Chhomrong is both ascent and descending, but the beautiful landscape makes the journey comfortable. The villages such as Bamboo Village and Dovan village are two of the most important stopping points on the journey to Sinuwa.

Stop and visit the tea house for a brief coffee break before continuing your journey. You’ll feel this day’s trek to be one of your longest treks overall in the Annapurna Base Camp. It is apparent when it takes about 7 hours to make it to Sinuwa.

From Himalaya to Machapuchare Base Camp (MBC)

There is a small village in front of Machapuchare Base Camp and in this community you can get to look at several of the beautiful natural pictures of Lord Bhudda at the top of the mountain. It is an indication that you are near to your goal. It is a stop-over point to stay.

From MBC to Annapurna Base Camp

While the ascent is quite flat, you’ll feel cold as the altitude will be extremely high. Within 3-4 hours of hiking from MBC you will arrive at Annapurna Base Camp, which is located at 4130 meters. When you arrive at the location, you’ll see the flags tying to the ground and on top is the magnificent Annapurna which greets you with a huge splendor.

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