May 30, 2024
Skandagiri Trek


Skandagiri night trek is a very famous trek. This trek is situated in Bangalore. The beauty of this trek is amazing. One can enjoy the natural beauty and charm of this trek. Millions of stars twinkling in the sky. It was a memorable trip. The view lit by the stars in the sky  and sunrise is such an amazing view. Overall the trip was very attractive and famous.

There are lots of places to view. The starting point of this trek is the papagani temple near Kalvara village. It is also known as Kalavara durga. The papagani temple is very famous in Skandagiri night trek. This is a very beautiful place for night trekking.

How to Reach

Train and airplane both are allowed on this trek. You can reach both of them. Train and airport are both situated in Bangalore. You can also reach by bus.

Bus facilities are also available in Bangalore. On this trek auto rickshaw, car, cab, taxi all can go. This trek is situated near Kalvara village. 

Top Places in Skandagiri Trek

Tipu Sultan Fort

It is a very famous fort in Skandagiri Trek. The view of this trek is so amazing. This fort was built by Tipu Sultan. The wall design is so attractive. The view of this fort is so amazing. The fort is designed with wood. It completely looks awesome. It is a very old fort in Sakindgiri. 

Sakindgri Temple

This temple is situated in Skandagiri. It is on the top of Sakindgri. The sunrise view of this place is so amazing to see. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. People come here to see the temple. They click lots of pictures.This temple is one of the best temples in skandagiri. 

Skandagiri Sunrise

The sunset view of Skandagiri Night Trek is so amazing. The view of sunset is very beautiful. ON the top of this place you can see the best sunset view. The best view of sunset is on the top of this trek. You can use your phone to trek as the sunset shines to see the best view. 

Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

This temple is located on the top of Nandi Hill.Bhoganandishwara and Yoganadishwara are the patron gods of this temple. This temple is entirely made of metalwork. All the temple interiors look so classy. This is a perfect destination to visit in Karnataka. The Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple looks very attractive at night. 

Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple

This temple was built during the chola period. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. There are no entry fees. 

Difficulty level 

The Skandagiri night trek is very helpful for beginners. Beginners can start their journey from Skandagiri night Trek. On this trek they can enjoy lots. This trek has so many rides for beginners. They organized some trekking camps. Trekking is so much easier on this trek. You can easily climb on rocks. 

Things To Carry


Flashlights can help you on a night trek. At night the flashlight helps you to make your trek easily. 

Water bottle

You can carry with you lots of water. These help you in night trekking.


The raincoat helps you in the monsoon. In the rainy season the raincoat saves you from rain.

Hat And Sunglasses

Hats and sunglasses save you in the summer season. Both things help you in summer. 


You can carry a backpack with some necessary things. 

If you love safari then Jhalana Safari in Rajasthan is also a nice option for you.

Best Time to Visit Skandagiri Night Trek

The best time to visit Skandagiri night trek is from November to January. In these months the weather is so cool. You can enjoy the sunset views and the amazing weather scenery. There are lots of mountains that are easy to climb in these months. 

Some Common Point To Know

  • Trekking is not so long. You can easily climb on rocks.
  • This trek is located 62km from Bangalore.
  • You can go from Skandagiri night trek from Chikmagalur to Bangalore.
  • The entry fees of this trek is rs 250 per head. You can book your Skandagiri Night Trek.

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