June 9, 2024
Virtual Job Fair

A Job Fair is an event where companies and recruiters come looking for potential employees. In an offline setting, companies set up booths where job seekers can collect information, ask questions, and even submit their job applications. Virtual Job Fair is extremely popular for the networking opportunities they offer.

Virtual job fairs were gaining popularity, even before the pandemic, due to their reach and accessibility.

In a virtual job fair, the basics remain the same. The only difference is that everything has to happen online. The main goal is to sustain interaction and networking in the virtual job fair platform.

Follow the steps below to plan and run a virtual job fair!

1. Choose the right platform

There is a lot to consider when choosing a virtual trade fair platform. Such a platform is required which

– allows unlimited attendees to join

– has features like chatbox, screen sharing, private messaging, etc.

– enables the host to create break out rooms

– has no bar on the time duration of the virtual meeting

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After choosing the virtual fair platform, a smart move would be to familiarise oneself with its functioning. Many virtual platforms also offer third-party apps to make the meeting more interactive.

2. Hire technical support

Murphy’s Law can seldom be avoided- Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Hire a tech support team because every virtual exhibition platform has many technical issues that need to be looked after last minute. Such emergencies are best left to the specialists instead of time-consuming tinkering. This team would let people in, share screens, keep backup ready for all situations, and help members facing technical issues. Technology is the backbone of any virtual meeting platform. This makes it essential to ensure that a backup is available in case of technology failure. Check the meeting link ahead of time and secure a strong internet connection.

3. Assign volunteers for the event

Everything cannot be managed by a single person, a dedicated team of volunteers is needed to make an event successful. To estimate the required number of volunteers form an event plan. Recruit virtual emcees to host the meeting, chat moderators to moderate conversations in breakout rooms, illustrators and content creators for graphics, etc. An event- management team can be hired for these tasks.

4. Networking opportunities

The hustle and bustle of job fairs that are full of ambitious and prospective people are sought after for their networking opportunities. This has to be sustained even in a virtual job fair platform. Instead of booths, companies should have their breakout rooms, where their representatives would be present. Job seekers can enter the rooms of the companies they like. The companies can disseminate information through Powerpoint presentations and videos.

5. Advertise

No virtual job fair can be successful if people do not attend it. Advertisement is needed to inform people about the job fair. Decide the target audience and advertise the job fair accordingly. An ideal way would be to collaborate with colleges and universities, as they have a large number of job-seekers. Make use of social media as it is the most effective marketing tool today. Meeting links can be shared via emails, affiliated companies can

6. Reach out to exhibitors and sponsors

The Virtual event has to be pitched to potential companies, employers, speakers, and exhibitors who would like to be a part of it. Estimate the number of attendees and create an audience profile – exhibitors and sponsors will consider this while deciding their participation.

7. Keep time zones in mind

Platforms for virtual trade platforms have a large audience. As a result, it’s critical to keep track of the various nations from which attendees are logging in and to plan an acceptable schedule for the event. The event can be recorded and forwarded to guests via email for later viewing, or a screening of the recorded event can be scheduled. This would assure that people from all across the world could participate.

8. Form an effective time schedule

Since the audience cannot be forced to sit in one spot, maintaining focus in an online event is particularly challenging. Keep this in mind when planning the event’s schedule. People cannot sit in front of their devices for 5 hours since it is neither feasible nor comfortable. If cutting the sessions short isn’t possible, stretch them out across several days so that both the speaker and the audience can stay attentive.

9. Never neglect a run-through

A run-through is essential for both an offline and online event, and cannot be overlooked. It is critical to witness the plan in action to ensure that an event runs smoothly. Everything from internet access to soundcheck and screen-sharing should be considered. It also highlights potential hazards that can be avoided in advance.

10. Engage with the attendees

​​Instead of giving a lecture, the presenter should interact with the audience by disseminating information through dialogue. Monotonous meetings can cause individuals to lose interest, therefore topics should be divided among members and attendees should be encouraged to ask questions to keep the conversation going. Comments, questions, and conversations can all be posted in the chatbox. The primary goal should be to avoid making the meeting appear one-sided.


A virtual job fair may help companies of all sizes promote their brands and can help the organization access an array of job seekers. On the other hand, it’s a wonderful method for them to find work in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Use the points mentioned above to organize and execute a successful virtual job fair. While bridging job fairs online is not an easy undertaking and will involve some effort, the attempt will be well worth it in the end. As a fair of any kind, it must be fun. The attention span of people is reducing and no matter how good an opportunity actually is, a lot depends on how it’s delivered. Therefore, one should choose an efficient platform, like Dreamcast. It offers a wide range of virtual solutions helping one host their virtual events smoothly. You can also schedule a demo with the company.

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