June 16, 2024
Best Coil Tattoo Machines

All famous tattoo artists have their hottest spiral tattoo machines. These types of tattoo machines will become a major trend in the tattoo industry.

What makes washing machines more attractive than rotary tattoo machines? But! Coil machines are always cheaper and more useful.

They allow professional tattoo artists to create art with ease and precision. In addition, the motor of the bobbin tattoo machine is very powerful and will last a long time. Read for more information Best Coil Tattoo Machines


Mast Tattoo Machine is at the top of our list as the best shadow tattoo machine. It is absolutely difficult to find another product with beautiful colors like this product.

The machine supports packing inks well thanks to 10 black spools and a powerful capacitor of 47 microfarads. With this design, the reel tattoo machine can deliver long shots and hard hits at medium speeds. You can complete the shadows after a short time.

There should be no concern for stability. Mast built a shader coil tattoo machine with a steel frame and standard tubular visor to protect it from external influences and mechanical degradation.

We also appreciate the spring quality of this tattoo facility. It has a high degree of rigidity but is still flexible and elastic. Breaking the spring when tuning is no longer a major problem.


Another product we would like to introduce to you is Dragonhawk Brass Coils. It doesn’t matter if you want to shade or link the inks, this set will satisfy you the most.

If the package is unpacked, you will notice that there are 2 different engines. One tool is a shader and the other is a liner. Both products can comfortably fit into a standard tubular lens and have a robust construction on a CNC cut brass frame.

What distinguishes these 2 motors is the design of the coil and the motor. The shader has 10 wound coils, while the insert has only 8.

However, the power pad looks more robust than other types. For operation at a high frequency of 140-150 Hz, it requires a voltage of 7-8V. At the same operating voltage level, the shader can only operate at 115-120 Hz.

The good thing is that Dragonhawk has completed all the installation work for these 2 devices. No assembly is required anymore! You can open the box and start tattooing with them immediately.

However, you will have to prepare the necessary tools, such as grommets, handles, clips, needles, tubes, and the power supply. The set contains only 2 machines. No equipment included!

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