May 24, 2024

Window cleaner using a squeegee to wash a window

If you want an opportunity to do the interior window washing without having to use too much water, you will find a completely unique option at Jacobsens Rengøring. It is perfect for the acute window washing, the caravan and car windows and for all your mirrors and glass surfaces in the home.

With the smart and completely unique Window Washing Kit from Cegotec, you get 2 products that give you completely drip-free and efficient window washing.

Spray with microfiber washer

A 300 ml large spray bottle with a built-in sink that easily handles the soaping of your window. You can use Jacobsens Rengøring Vinduespudser in the spray bottle – even if you wash mirrors or glass surfaces.

Scraper with battery-powered water suction

The battery-powered scraper acts as a small vacuum cleaner that sucks up the water from the window while you scrape it. This means that the water that would otherwise land on your tea towel, in the window sill or on your floor, with this solution lands in the water tank in the water suction. The water tank empties easily, so you are ready to wash more windows in no time.

How often should you wash your windows?

Fortunately, there are no rules for that. Your windows do not wear out because you wash windows often; conversely, your windows are not damaged by being dirty. Maybe you can say that you should wash your windows as needed, because there are actually several benefits to clean windows.

Clean windows provide more light to the home

Clean windows give you a view of life outside

Clean windows make it easier to keep an eye on the condition of the window frames

Louise’s recommendation is about every other month – sometimes a little more often other times less often. It depends a lot on the weather and wind and the location of your home.

Outdoors, you will probably find that you have to wash windows if you live, for example.

  • Close to the coast to a saltwater coast
  • Close to cultivated fields where harvesting, harrowing and sowing

Near busy roads or highways

Equally, your window washing indoors can vary a lot. This is not about external factors, but about what you have in the home or what you use or do. For example, it could be that you

  • Has a wood stove or fireplace in the home
  • Is a big consumer of candles and tea lights?
  • Smokes indoors in the home

In these cases, you may need to wash your interior windows more often than every other month. But with the efficient equipment and tips from Louise, you can do it easily, quickly and absolutely without streaks.

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