February 25, 2024

Technology is now a significant element of our lives. We spend the majority of our time watching a screen. Thus, having options that can make long time spent in front of screens is always appreciated.

One of the office furniture accessories which can be highly beneficial can be the arm for your monitor is provide by office furniture dubai, which can benefit you by improving your posture and extending the life span of your equipment, and many more.

What exactly is a monitor arm?

A monitor arm is attached to your desk, ceiling or wall. It will raise your screen to your preferred height. It also adapts to the style of work you prefer.

What are the benefits of the arm of a monitor?

  1. Improves workspace:

It opens up a considerable space before being used by the monitor’s base, which is ideal for increasing the size of your workspace.

    2.Mobility and freedom of movement:

A monitor arm can make it easier to communicate your work to your colleagues by allowing users to shift their monitors.

   3: Better posture:

Raising your monitor to the ideal height is vital to finding the most comfortable posture for working. A good posture eases the stress put on your back by sitting down to look at your screen. You might consider the monitor arm as a form of posture protection. It encases your monitor, which allows you to adjust its height, location, and angle.

 With a screen that can adapt to your needs all day long, you’ll be able to see improvement in your comfort, health, and productivity as the more flexible screen means a more accessible and more relaxed you. Instead of spending your entire day sitting in a recliner, you can have the option to move to standing by simply moving the arm on your monitor and then raising the screen’s height.

As we’ve mentioned before, adjustable monitors can keep you moving instead of sitting in a static place. With multiple monitors that can be adjusted, various options are offered. For example, you can use one vertically and the other horizontally or use three monitors and tilt your head towards either side while working.

4. Help in avoiding eye strain:

Furthermore, you can avoid eye strain when having multi-monitors by switching to different brightness levels when working across different screens and moving your eyes more often while looking at multiple monitors instead of just one.

5. Improves your productivity:

it helps increase the flexibility of adjustment for tilt, position, and swivel. It opens doors to new possibilities for maximum comfort possible in your workplace.

Monitor arms can be a massive help in creating healthier workplaces. When combined with standing desks that aid users achieve an average of 45% more each day, using a monitor arm could help you do your best work, reduce time, and take good care of your wellbeing. And if you’re used to having two screens on at the same time, double monitor arms that can accommodate two screens can help you get the most out of your screen.

It gives you the freedom you require to easily take on the various tasks you have to be aware of throughout the daytime.

Consider these things before buying:

Are you sure that your computer is VESA conforming?

A VESA compatible monitor has holes in the back of the monitor that permit any amount to be connected to it. The holes have a pattern that is either 75 x 75mm, or 100 to 100mm. The pattern size may be increased to accommodate larger monitors. Make sure to check the measurements to ensure that the monitor arm is compatible with the monitor you currently have.

What type of adjustment do you require?

To give your best performance of the use of your computer arm, the primary goal should be adjusting it. It is possible to think about the horizontal and vertical lift. Both depend on your height and the height of your workspace. For example, some monitor arms are designed with enough vertical lift so that you can stand and watch the screen, even if they are placed on a stationary height adjustable desk australia.

What type of mount would be best for you?

If the setup you have is for short-term use, you can use the freestanding desk mount (mounted toward the back of your desk using the help of weight). You can also opt for the less sturdy desk clamp attached to the back of your desk. If you’re looking for a more stable arrangement, consider grommet mounting with a supporting arm of the monitor fed through grommet holes that you’ll have to drill into the desk.

Office plus offers a piece of elegant and office furniture that you can change to any position to accommodate your posture needs.

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