May 28, 2024

It is critical to have a thorough grasp of the cryptocurrency sector, whether you are an investor or interested in learning more about it. Although Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been around for a long time, recent events have brought them to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

There are various methods to learn more about this topic, and one of the most effective is watching documentaries on the subject matter. The documentaries cover everything from the earliest days of Bitcoin to its current status as a popular form of currency that many people use daily. 

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Here Are the 6 Documentaries Every Crypto Investors Need to Watch:

  1. The Bitcoin Phenomenon (2014)

This documentary chronicles the growth and collapse of Bitcoin between 2011 and 2013, beginning with Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of the cryptocurrency. However, even though it first produced this video in 2014, it is still an excellent resource for learning about Bitcoin and how it may be utilized as an investment instrument.

  1. Magic Money (2017)

The year 2017 saw the debut of this exciting documentary about bitcoin. It aspires to explain what bitcoin is, why it has value, and how it functions. Magic Money is a documentary made by Tim Delmastro that tries to assist people in getting more familiar with cryptocurrencies from the point of view of utilizing them to create them.

  1. Netflix Explained: Cryptocurrency (2018)

This documentary is a part of Netflix’s “Explained” series, which tries to investigate complicated issues straightforward and easy-to-understand way by using basic, concise language. The program delves into the history of cryptocurrencies, covering everything from the genesis of Bitcoin to how it has changed through time. That includes whether or not cryptocurrencies will be generally acknowledged as a valid payment option in the future.

  1. Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains, and the Future of the Internet (2020)

Starting with a man’s effort to learn how this technology works, the tale sends him down a rabbit hole filled with bizarre individuals and expert interviews that expose precisely how complex this technology is in its most accurate form. The video also discusses topical subjects in the bitcoin industry right now, such as whether or not greater regulation is needed and what the cryptocurrency future holds.

  1. The Bitcoin Gospel (2015)

This documentary will teach you about Bitcoin’s history and its prospective impact on the global economy. It is possible to send bitcoins over a decentralized network without the need of a bank or an intermediary since bitcoins are digital currency. It is possible to buy products and services using these currencies, enabling users to make payments without disclosing their identities. This video shows how this technology has impacted financial services and how it might impact our lives in the future.

  1. Bit x Bit: In Bitcoin We Trust (2018)

Bit x Bit is a documentary about the digital value exchange system released in 2018 by filmmaker David Foox. It is a documentary about the digital value exchange system. This documentary provides an in-depth look at how this technology has grown through time, but it also evaluates its current status within society. The essential lesson to take away from this video is that bitcoin use is rising. Investors may still make money from these assets if they move swiftly and take advantage of the chances that are still available.


Cryptocurrency is still a developing sector, and there is still a significant amount of risk involved. Despite its widespread acceptance and the vast quantity of knowledge available, many people remain perplexed. Some experts are unclear about what this means for the globe in the following years.

Documentaries may assist in shedding some light on this new reality. They can not only provide you with bitcoin information, but they can also show you the possible risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.

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