June 20, 2024
An Ultimate Guide To Renting

Dubai is the most sought-after destination among expats looking for lucrative career opportunities and a luxurious lifestyle. The vibrant metropolitan city attracts them with an exceptional range of buying and rental properties for accommodation purposes. When purchasing a property that seems out of the box, the rental comes in handy.

For individuals, moving to utterly unfamiliar surroundings can be daunting at first, but it provides a unique perspective regarding life and allows unleashing the wanderlust from within. We’ve got you covered if you’re a newbie in the city and trying to get an affordable apartment for rent in Dubai. 

Furnish or Luxury Flat: What is more suitable?

Accommodations in Dubai range from budget-friendly to furnish and luxury flats. With that said, tenants have multiple choices, so they can opt for the one that suits their budget. If there’s no budget restriction, luxury apartments are equipped with well-reserved parking, swimming pools, kids’ play zones, and a maid’s room. In a nutshell, it all relies on your affordability and family requirements.

What is the right way of renting in Dubai?

When you’ve made up your decision, begin your venture with online searching. In this way, you’ll connect with multiple real estate agents with tons of options. Once you’ve chosen an apartment, the next step is to negotiate over it and sign a tenancy contract with the broker. A slight drawback with renting is that landlords often ask for the rent three to four months in advance. Yet, the practice is quite common in the Emirates.

Factors to consider before renting in Dubai:

To make it convenient for you, here’s a queue of a few factors to consider that might hopefully add comfort to your flat hunt.

·         Choosing a certified real estate agent:

When proceeding with your search, you can’t make a deal with an uncertified real estate agent. If you’ve selected an apartment before moving to the visiting session, ask for the agent’s professional identification.

Determine if he’s legally practising real estate in Dubai or not. Signing a contract with such a dealer is illegal in Dubai. In case of any mishap, you won’t be able to take your case to court if you’re connecting to a freelance agent with no certification.

·         Look for Testimonials:

As weird as it sounds, you’ve to trust strangers to get assurance regarding your new home. Jokes apart, ask neighbours about their experiences in the building and for how long they’ve been living there. What issues they’ve encountered until now, and how the management solved them. Neighbours can provide the most valuable feedback, and they’ve no reason to misguide you.

·         Paying a thorough visit to the flat:

Once you’ve set a day for an on-site visit to the apartment, leave your comfort zone behind and prepare a list of questions. Try to reach the premises a bit earlier and explore the neighbourhood. Make notes during your survey of the flat and look for any potential damages. Turn on the showers and faucets and inspect for leaks or any interruption in water fluidity.

·         Capture images of the property:

As you take over the apartment as a tenant, make snaps of the entire flat, including the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and restroom. It helps create a strong case when the apartment requires repairs and furnishings. Dubai’s landlords are usually cordial, but having a few visual proofs makes the repairing process easier.

·         Rental Additional Costs:

Most tenants moving to an apartment need to pay a security deposit. The deposit for a flat usually ranges from 5% to 15% of the annual rent. The flat owner decides the security deposit amount, and it’s refundable upon vacating their property. Based on the balanced condition, they might deduct a certain amount.

·         Getting your flat registered:

After the above-evaluated formalities, you might be wondering if getting renting a property in Dubai is an easy victory. But there’s more to it.

Next, you’ve to set your flat up for the Ejari registration process. The Dubai Land Department administered a certification to legalize rental contracts and agreements between tenants and landlords.

·         Budgeting is a must:

When searching for a suitable place for yourself, get an apartment for rent in Dubai within your financial range. Maintaining a luxury lifestyle in Dubai is no easy feat. So, you must cut on unnecessary expenses and save a few pennies for rainy days.

In all, finding a desirable property for rent in Dubai isn’t tricky or time-taking, but you need to get on the right channel. Refine your requirements on a few variables, including location, budget, size, number of bedrooms, and condition of the flat. Now, you can officially begin your search for your new home!

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