July 13, 2024

Glass solutions have completely redefined themselves in the last few decades. And one fine result of these changes is Sandwich Glass. Sandwich glass is quite popular in cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. The best sandwich glass in Delhi is manufactured by the pioneer of Sandwich Glass, i.e the Satkartar Glass Solutions. They have been manufacturing and supplying sandwich glass in Delhi for many decades. The quality of the sandwich glass in Delhi, supplied by Satkartar Glass Solutions is unmatchable and is extremely affordable. You can get it customised easily as per your choice and requirements. So, let’s understand what exactly Sandwich Glass is all about.

Sandwich glass is a greatly designed, intelligently curated and technology-friendly glass solution that has recently become part of almost every building from restaurants to hospitals and homes to offices. Owing to their amazing features, sandwich glasses have become the number one choice for architects and designers. The best part about sandwich glass is that they are used in such a way that they allow great privacy to your space without compromising on the aesthetics part and of course, allow you to control the amount of light entering the room. Hence, altogether it helps you a great deal to set the view and mood of the room. They are used in architecture, glazing, automobile, safety, photovoltaic, UV protection and creating artistic expressions.

Apart from the above-mentioned applications of Sandwich glass, sandwich glass is also used to enhance the sound insulation quality of windows. The main reason behind this is that sandwich glasses are much better at improving sound attenuation in comparison to other monolithic glasses of the same thickness.

What are some of the most interesting benefits of sandwich glass?

The major benefits of sandwich glass would include a top notch level of safety from any outside component, reduced noise pollution, and dust prevention, and it shields you and your space is a great way from all the natural calamities. It is mostly used in places where security is a major concern. This is because sandwich glasses are extremely difficult to break. Also, at times of unfortunate vehicle accidents, sandwich glasses enhance the safety of people as the windshield stays together thereafter preventing the glass fragments from breaking and hurting the passengers. Also, a huge part of sandwich glass goes into glass sculptures, in making bullet proof glass, penetration proof glass, stairs, rooftops, floors and canopies.

What goes into the making of sandwich glass?

Sandwich glasses are mostly produced by binding two or more layers of tempered glass. The layers of glasses are bound together using a plastic layer as the interlayer between them. In most of the classes, this layer is polyvinyl butyral which is popularly known as PVB, next used for interlayer is thermoplastic polyurethane and ethylene vinyl acetate. The main function of this interlayer is to help in improving the overall mechanical properties of the sandwich glass. These mechanical properties usually are impact strength, fracture toughness, and failure modes. So, the structure goes as the top layer, interlayer, interlayer, interlayer, interlayer and bottom layer.

So, the proxy which is followed in making sandwich glass is that once the interlayer is sandwiched by the glass, it is further passed through a series of rollers. Then, it is followed by heating the same for initial melting. The entire set-up is then heated under pressure in an autoclave to finally obtain the product.

Is sandwich glass safe to use?

Yes, sandwich glass is safe to use. Even if the sandwich glass breaks, it would not cause much of an impact as due to the high strength between the layers of the glass, the glass would not break into large sharp pieces.

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