April 23, 2024
Online Event Platform

It’s been more than two years since the world has gotten used to online events and online event hosting platforms. If you have organized events, the most concerning thing to you is the contentment and satisfaction of your attendees. Apart from the definitive KPIs, it is the audience’s satisfaction level that decides the success of your event.

To attain audience satisfaction, we are sure as an organizer, you try your best. You would never want things to go wrong, and your attendees leave with the best memories and experiences. However, things might get problematic, and it is not always possible to ensure perfection. Time and again, it has been found that online attendees are left with constant problems and complaints by the end of the online event. If you feel your attendees are facing such things and are complaining about these issues, it’s better to take some necessary steps and resolve them as fast as you can. 

Not Being Able to Sit For Longer Hours: 

Let’s say you have planned to host a virtual conference; you have all your attendees ready. Even though we are sure you have considered all the elements of a virtual conference, right from audience engagement to networking, attendees would still find it difficult to attend the virtual event for a longer duration. The biggest challenge that the organizers face is keeping the attendees engaged and hooked to the event. Statistics show that if the event is longer than 20 minutes, the attendee will pay attention to only 68% of the event. So, the first thing that the organizers need to address is the shorter attention span of the attendees. 

If you are hosting or planning to host a virtual conference, what you can do is conduct some surveys and ask your target audience about their timing and event duration preferences. Once you have the data, keep it in mind and plan your entire event accordingly. Not only this, to avoid boredom and attendees’ exhaustion, plan breaks in between the sessions. 

Difficulty in Listening to the Speaker and Chatting Simultaneously: 

The next common problem that the attendees face is multitasking during the event. They find it difficult to listen to the speakers and read the chats simultaneously, and they believe that it affects their learning. To address this problem and solve it, what you can do is ask the attendees to pay their entire attention to the speakers first. Later, they can use the audience engagement tools provided by the online event platform to express their views and opinions. Ideally, an Online Conference Platform does come with several audience engagement tools such as live polls, live comments, emoticon reactions, etc. With these tools, you will enable your attendees to learn as much as they can with the session and later share their learnings and opinions with others. 

Finding the Event Boring: 

The next problem that the organizers have come across is that the attendees find the event boring at times. Now suppose you have put in your everything, and you see your attendees leaving the event. Why? Because they feel the event is boring. We are sure you will never want that to happen with your event. Also, data shows that attendees zone out during the event if the event is not interesting enough.

To solve these kinds of problems, what you should do is create an attendee-friendly and engaging environment. Use features like live polls, Quizzes, visual elements, etc. to keep them hooked to the event. Not only this, but you can also use gamification tools to keep the attendees gripped by the event. Also, we suggest using a 3D online event hosting platform; the attendees will find it exciting to see the 3D virtual version of a real-life event. Also, make it as immersive as you can; your attendees will love exploring the Virtual Meeting Platform.

Wanting to Meet the Speakers and Presenters: 

Yes, virtual events are the digital replica of real-life events. However, there are still a few elements and factors that get neglected by the organizers while planning the event. While in an offline conference or summit, the attendees find it easy to connect with the speakers post-session. But, this factor gets completely overlooked in virtual edition. To solve this problem, the organizers can leverage audience networking tools and allow the attendees to connect, chat and interact with speakers, fellow attendees, and exhibitors easily during the event. These tools make networking and connecting with fellow attendees easy and resemble real-life networking ideas. You can encourage your attendees to use these tools and make long-lasting connections. 

With the speed at which virtual events are growing, it is safe to say that virtual events are going to be the future of the event industry. In this situation, the organizers can host successful events only if they have a complete understanding of their target audience. We hope this article will help you gain a clear understanding of your target audience and the problems and complaints they have in regular virtual events. 

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