July 13, 2024
mHealth apps

mHealth apps

According to the research, in 2020, the worldwide mHealth solutions market has reached USD 50.8 billion, and it is anticipated to reach USD 213.6 billion by the end of 2025 at a CAGR of 33.3%.

Some of the key factors that drive the wide adoption of mobile technologies among patients and caregivers are mentioned below. 

  • Increasing use of smart devices
  • Rising exploitation of connected devices  
  • Growing recognition of 4G/5G networks
  • Patient-centric healthcare delivery 
  • mHealth apps for the chronic disease management  
  • More focus on cost control in healthcare delivery
  • Home healthcare services  

In this post, we are going to explore the best mHealth apps that everyone should be aware of. So let’s get going. 

Top 10 mHealth Apps in 2022

#1. Kardia

Users can monitor their heart rate with the Kardia app paired with a tiny device that measures heart rate after users put two fingers on it. The device is quite tiny and handy to carry anywhere. Then data from the device transforms to the mobile app that displays the classic EKG. Kardia can detect normal heart rhythm, Fib, bradycardia, and tachycardia. It is possible to send the data to the doctor through email or download. The app has a clear UI, is FDA-cleared, and provides portability. 

Download for iOS and Android

#2. BlueStar Diabetes 

Bluestar is an FDA-cleared, topnotch, in-app digital assistant. It offers customized guidance at the moment. It is a perfect solution for diabetes management that includes all parts of the treatment process such as a focus on food and fitness, improving blood glucose levels, connecting to your care team, and getting real-time feedback and custom reports. 

Download for iOS and Android

#3. Aura

Aura is an all-in-one app for mental wellness that helps users transform their well-being and sleep. It provides many personalized meditations for mindfulness, sleep tales and stories, hypnosis, life coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), music & sound, and more. Users can access the world’s largest premium wellness library, hundreds of coaches, therapists, and storytellers. The app provides relaxation sounds that help users sleep restfully and reduce stress & anxiety. Aura uses an extensive range of data points and modern personalization algorithms to determine what would resonate with users. 

Download for iOS and Android

#4. Mango Health 

Mango Health helps with chronic diseases management and medication intake. With a simple yet eye-catchy UI, users can quickly determine how to customize their reminders and health-relevant goals. App provides notifications about medicine intake, need for refills, BP or glucose level measurement, water drinking, etc. Users can also add their weight and mood tracker to completely recognize their behavior variation and condition. By following the treatment well, users can earn points and rewards. 

Download for iOS and Android.

#5. Calm

Calm is the number one app that helps users with sleep, relaxation, and meditation. It is the best choice for those users who have just started their journey towards anxiety and stress reduction. It is a comprehensive app that has a great community and many features such as stretching exercises, calming music, views, and sounds, a masterclass in mindfulness, and much more. Users can keep monitoring their progress with day-to-day streaks and mindful minutes.   

Download for iOS and Android.

#6. Moodfit 

The app includes various trackers that help users monitor their mental health conditions. It includes a mood journal to monitor users’ good/bad mood, a gratitude journal to discover and remember the good things in life, sleep and lifestyle sections to assess sleep habits, exercise, nutrition, and socializing. Users can leverage cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, mental health assessment, and connect with therapists. The app also provides services to companies that want to look out for their employees’ mental health and encourage a healthy way to work. 

Download for iOS and Android.

#7. Talkspace

The app offers the most suitable and affordable way to improve users’ mental health. Users’ can easily get matched with a licensed therapist in their state using a device and send messages through text, audio, video. Users will have teen therapy, individual/couple therapy, support for veterans and LGBTQ+, and psychiatric detection. Creating an appointment is also an easy task. The app also offers plans for organizations to reduce anxiety and stress to boost productivity. 

Download for iOS and Android.

#8. FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans

The app users’ can lose weight and stay active anytime, anywhere with free exercise videos and personalized workout plans. Users can access quick and effective workouts from celebrity trainers, leverage personalized programs, and enjoy cardio, Pilates, strength, HIIT, barre, dance, yoga, and more. Calming meditations help users to decrease anxiety and stress, improved breathing, and better sleep. iOS users can see real-time heart rates through Apple Health and Apple Watch. Additionally, users can access workouts through TV or computer. 

Download for iOS and Android.

#9. WebMD: Symptom Checker 

Users can check their symptoms, receive day-to-day allergy alerts, set medication reminders, educate themselves about health conditions and drugs, assess treatments, search for doctors and physicians in their local area, as well as save on prescriptions at the pharmacy. Users can list their basic information like age, gender, etc. add symptoms, and answer a small questionnaire about what symptoms disturb them the most, whether they are intaking any medications or not, or had any conditions previously.  

Download for iOS and Android.

#10. PEPID

The app helps paramedics and emergency room caregivers to diagnose patients quickly. The database of PEPID is wide-ranging. By filling in symptoms, users can access data of feasible conditions, a medication identification tool, treatments, an interaction checker, drug allergy, procedures, inspection videos, etc. The app is also used as an education tool frequently by students and interns. 

Download for iOS and Android.

Summing Up 

mHeath apps stimulate healthy living. Whether through Android or iOS, mHeath solutions and healthcare apps make a groundbreaking impact on the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. 

It is anticipated that more healthcare providers will enroll and continue to modernize on fresh tactics that enhance everyone’s lifestyles for years to come. 

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