April 13, 2024
Auditoriums video wall solution

When you’re looking for a video wall solution provider, it’s not just about finding who can deliver a video wall to suit your needs. It’s much more than that. You’ll have to think about multiple factors, including video wall controllers, software, enhancement products, and of course installation, support, and much more. If all these seem overwhelming and confusing, there’s no need to worry. We have got you covered. In this post, we’ll share five tips to help you choose the right video wall solution provider if you aren’t sure where to begin!

1.   A Variety of Products for a Complete Solution

When trying to find a video wall solution provider, you shouldn’t just focus on your current needs. It would help to foresee your future needs too and find a provider with a good variety of products. Such a provider will meet your present requirements and support your business growth as you scale up and want more products to accommodate your changing needs. But even for your current video wall needs, it is always better to find a provider that offers multiple complementary solutions so to serve as a “one-stop-shop” rather than purchase every piece of your video wall deployment from a different supplier. For instance, you may look for a video wall solution provider that offers video wall management software that offers easy third-party integration, has an extensive API, scripting tools, and other products like HDMI extenders to bring ultra HD content to your screens without delays or signal loss, and control panels to manage your video walls with the touch of a button.

However, it would be beneficial if this video wall solution provider also offered other complimentary like video wall controllers, video wall software and processors, encoders and decoders for video streaming needs, and color detection software and V-IO boxes to trigger alarms for unattended video walls. You may even ask if your preferred video wall solution provider offers a centralized, user-friendly, drag-and-drop software platform for simplifying AV-over-IP distribution and efficient KVM and advanced multi-screen video wall management.

2.   Easy Integration

You will likely need your video walls to display data and content from different sources and source types, such as websites, YouTube channels, media players, desktops, smartphones, social media, RSS feeds, live cameras, Google Analytics, and third-party SCADA, etc. If you’re using legacy software or traditional systems to manage such data and information sources, your short-listed video wall solution provider should be able to facilitate seamless integration between their products and your existing systems as well as data/information sources.

3.   Interoperability

Apart from a simple integration experience, you should also focus on having interoperability and user-friendly control over your video wall. You should seek a video wall solution providerthat uses interoperable technology that can bridge IT, AV, and IP systems to let you efficiently manage and control any visual content across your video wall or video walls. Your solution provider should be able to not only support their own products but third-party devices and third-party solutions as well. A video wall solution providerthat has an open architecture and completely adheres to the H.264, H.265, SRT, NDI, and SDVoE standards is worth the investment. It would be worth verifying if your short-listed provider can also manage non-standard resolutions and handle any aspect ratio while maintaining exceptional picture quality and control over display parameters like power, contrast, and brightness.

4.   Security

When looking for a video wall solution provider, most users focus on flexibility, ease of collaboration, and user-friendliness, but security is another key aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. You should be able to stream, share, and collaborate securely without making your content accessible to unauthorized users or those with malicious intent. A solution that offers encryption and  User Rights Management with Active Directory support is key.

5.   Technical Support

Technical support is another crucial aspect that your short-listed video wall solution providershould offer. You should select a provider that offers robust and reliable technology, but with frequent changes in technology and so many factors at play, a qualified and friendly technical support team is an important consideration. Your support plan should include easy and quick access to experts who can answer questions, train your in-house personnel, successfully troubleshoot issues, and provide regular software updates.

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