July 21, 2024

In India, lakh of youngsters work hard to clear the defence exams for securing the golden opportunity to serve their motherland. Besides giving them the opportunity to serve the nation, the exam also helps them get a stable job in their own country. Undoubtedly, the Indian government is spending a huge budget on maintaining the security of the nation. Also, Indian defence forces play a vital role in keeping the nation secure from external as well as internal attacks. But it is not easy to become a part of these defence forces. An aspirant has to pass the arduous trials conducted by the Indian government. Moreover,  the increasing competition in the field of defence exams has also raised the difficulty level of the exams. To match this difficulty level, a candidate has to put sincere efforts into the preparation for the defence exams. 

Unquestionably, a minor mistake during the preparation can push you away from your goal. So it is smart to prepare in the right direction of the experts. Please note that as Chanakya made a normal boy the king of the vast empire, guidance from the experts will also help you get your goal. So add the tips and tricks given by the experts to your strategy to get selected for the job you are desiring for. But before that, you have to prepare an effective strategy. If you are also desiring to prepare for the defence exams then read this article carefully. But make sure to check the eligibility criteria of the exam before starting your preparations. Are you working hard to crack the upcoming CDS exam? If yes, then you can choose to prepare under the guidance of some experts of the finest platform that provides CDS coaching.

You are advised to keep the following mentioned tips to keep in mind while preparing for the defence exam.

Make a strategy 

Following the right and perfect strategy will make you reach your goal. You must know that a strategy is prepared on personal requirements. Naturally, to prepare a focused strategy, you are required to devote some time to examine yourself and the exam you are preparing for correctly. After this, watch the interviews of the experts on youtube and keep all the important information in your mind. Then prepare your strategy with patience. Note that your success in the defence exams depends on the accuracy of the strategy.

Stick to the syllabus

The syllabus is the most important document that you have to download from the official portal of the commission conducting the exam. Without following the syllabus, you’ll feel almost lost in the preparations. Thus, you will never be able to reach the destination on the time. So, it is advisable to follow the syllabus carefully while studying the concepts of the syllabus. Additionally, try to revise the important concepts at least thrice before appearing for the exam.    

The study material

Studying the right and official study material will help you ensure the accuracy of your answers during the exam. Many students often start to study the random material available on the internet which is not reliable. Make sure the study material you are learning the concepts from is recognised by experts of the exam. For this, you can watch the interview videos of the successful candidates who have cracked the exam already. They will surely tell you the link to some important websites to study the concepts. 


Revision helps you remember the studied content for a longer time. There is no doubt that the syllabus of the exam is very vast. Therefore, you have to devote sufficient time to revision every day. You are advised to choose your own way for an effective revision to retain the content in your permanent memory. You can revise the content by taking tests, active recalling or by reading a book over and over till you don’t grasp the core material. But choose the way you are comfortable with. Don’t stress yourself to learn the difficult concept as this can make you feel depressed. 

Mock tests

You must have heard that time plays a very crucial role in deciding success in the defence exam. Yes, this is correct. A person who has mastered time management is able to meet the cut-off score by attempting maximum questions correctly. Do you know what can help you master time management during the exam? Well, the answer is mock tests. Besides helping you master time management, they can also help you revise the concepts effectively. But make sure you are spending time on solving the mock tests that replicate the original structure of the exam. 

Collect the right  information

To avoid eviction from the exams, you have to take the necessary precautions. Many aspirants got evicted from the exam because they don’t follow the important instructions written on the notification or admit cards. To avoid this, develop a habit of collecting the right and relevant information. Furthermore, see the news relevant to the exam you are appearing for on google. As this will help you stay updated on the information or changes relevant to the exams. 

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Lastly, keep your attitude and body healthy. This will not only help you prepare for the defence exam but will also help you pass the fitness round of the exam. For this, you are advised to add exercise, yoga and a healthy diet as an important part of your strategy. Don’t forget to take help from the above-mentioned points to make your defence exam preparations more effective. 

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