July 21, 2024

There’s no question that computer science and coding is a hot careers right now. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics strongly asserts there would be more than 21 percent growth for coding jobs from 2018 to 2028, more than four times the average for all occupations. Again, the population of global developers is expected to reach 28.7 million people by 2024, an increase of 3.2 million from the number observed in 2020.

Once upon a time, the world of computer programming and coding was a mysterious and exclusive place. Only a chosen handful of people were considered programmers with cutting-edge coding skills. In the present day, numerous IT jobs demand a solid grasp of top coding languages. Yes, we mean more than one.

Now, if your aim to start or advance a career requires you to master a coding language, you might be wondering which one to learn. After all, you need to be at the front of the metaphorical class. You also must know which coding languages are popular, which are useful, and which are making a mark in the market- and then set yourself up to learn them.

Not sure where to start? No need to worry. I’ve already done the heavy lifting for you. I have spent adequate time exploring and listing the best coding languages you can learn in 2022 to secure top positions in eminent companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

Let’s dive right in!

7 Best Coding Languages To Learn In 2022

  1. JavaScript

After going knee-deep in the vast world of technology, I comprehended that it is impossible to be a brilliant coder in the present era without mastering and using JavaScript in some way or the other. According to the 2020 Developer Survey of the Stack Overflow, JavaScript has been the most popular and well-acclaimed language among web developers for eight years. Again, it is also used as a client-side programming language by 97.8 percent of all websites.

JavaScript requires no introduction. Along with HTML and CSS, it is vital to front-end development. A majority of popular sites on the web ranging from Twitter, Gmail, Facebook to YouTube, rely on using only JavaScript to create interactive web pages and display dynamic content to their users.

Its spectacular potential can only be witnessed while working with Node.js and React Frameworks that enable you to develop fantastic web applications. Having that said, it is also one of the easiest and friendliest languages for beginners. This is mainly because it has a forgiving, flexible syntax that works across all major browsers.

No wonder it is the most popular coding language globally and is in high demand among various companies. The average Java developer earns around $109938 each year.

  • Python

A survey of Stack Overflow claims the popularity of a Python has increased from 32% in early 2017 to 38.8% at the end of the year. Again, according to SlashData, there are currently 8.2 million developers who code using Python. This population increased much more than those who developed Java, which numbers 7.6 million.

After JavaScript, Python is one of the most popular coding languages today and is incredibly easy for beginners to master due to its readability. It is a general-purpose coding language that empowers programmers to use different programming styles when creating programs. Numerous popular digital tools and platforms were developed with Python-like YouTube, Google Search, and iRobot Machines.

As one of the easier to learn and use languages, it is ideal for beginners and experienced coders alike. The language comes equipped with an extensive library that supports common commands and tasks. Furthermore, its interactive qualities enable programmers to test codes as they go, minimizing the time wasted on creating and testing long sections of code. Hence, learning this coding language in 2022 will promise you immense success and growth. Python coders earn average annual salaries of about $115,304.

  • Scala

 If you’re well-versed with Java- a classic programming language in its own right- it’s worth checking out its modern cousin, Scala. According to a recent survey, Scala is used by 1.8% of all the popular websites whose server-side programming language we all know. This language combines the best features of Java-like its object-oriented structure and lightning-fast JVM runtime environment with a modern twist.

As a functional programming language, Scala helps engineers elevate their code’s quality, allowing complicated procedures to be executed in parallel. Additionally, it’s a strongly typed language. Coders can easily create and customize their data kinds, which allows them to have peace of mind knowing entire swaths of bugs are impossible at runtime. Scala coders earn an average annual salary of about $139,292.

  • Go

Do you know Go developers earn an average annual salary of $135,000 per year or $69.23 per hour? Developed in 207 by Google for APIs and web applications, Go has become one of the fastest-growing programming languages due to its simplicity and ability to handle networked systems and massive codebases.

In fact, according to a Stack Overflow Survey, Golang took third place in the ranking of programming languages that coders would like to pursue. Go, also popularly known as Goland, was designed to meet coders’ needs while working on huge projects. Thanks to its simple, modern structure and syntax familiarity, it has gained massive popularity among huge IT companies.

Renowned companies using Go as their programming language include Uber, Google, Twitter, and Dropbox, among numerous others. The language is also gaining popularity among data scientists due to its agility and high performance.

  • Kotlin

While I was exploring, I heard the famous statement- Kotlin was created by the Jet Brains team to find ‘something’ better than Java? HiredRating claims, “Kotlin is one of the top five coding languages in the world. It beat competitors like Python and Java, giving in only to Go and Scala in its field.”

If you’re serious about pursuing a coding career in Android App development, Kotlin is perhaps one of the best coding languages you must learn this year. The creators of Kotlin made it a point to address the weaknesses of Java, and this was instantly noticed by the developers who recreated their Java-based applications in this new language.

In turn, this makes Google boost Kotlin more than they promote Java. If you wish to gain a competitive edge in the Android market, knowing how to code in Kotlin should be among your 2022 goals. The average salary of a Kotlin developer is somewhere between $158,500 to $147,000 per year. 

  • Java

Java, one of the renowned and widely acclaimed programming languages used for developing server-side applications, celebrated its 25th birthday in 2022.

Created to boost flexibility, it enables web developers to write codes that run on any machine, irrespective of the platform or the architecture. Since it has been around for times immemorial and is hugely scalable, certain solutions offered by the giant companies in the world are developed with the aid of this language.

Also, Java requires no specific hardware infrastructure, is easily manageable, and has an exceptional level of security. Hence, it comes as no surprise that nearly 90% of Fortune 500 firms rely on Java for their desktop applications and backend development projects. Not only that, but Java is also used on the backend of numerous popular websites like Google, Amazon, Twitter, and YouTube. The average Java developer earns around $93,118 per year.

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  • Swift

If you’re enthusiastic about Apple products, I think Swift is an excellent coding language to start with. In 2014, Apple declared that Swift is a relatively new programming language that can be used to develop macOS and iOS applications smoothly.

Again, since Apple promotes Swift, its popularity and community support are only increasing by days. In fact, as per the study of the top 110 apps on the Apple Store, 42% of apps are already making use of the Swift.

Swift, designed by Apple, is a general-purpose compiled language that offers a simple and cohesive syntax. It is greatly influenced by Python and Ruby, that’s excessively fast, smooth, secure, and easy to master. Owing to the versatility and practical applications, Swift is used in iOS apps like Mozilla Firefox, WordPress, SoundCloud, and even in the game Flappy Bird. Swift coders usually take home average annual salaries of around $72,712 and $96872.

Final Thoughts  

Almost all coders possess an insatiable thirst for learning new languages. Given the fact that 2021 has offered digital technology a massive boost and spurred the market for coders, the coding languages discussed above have the excellent potential to stay in power throughout. By learning one or more of these languages, you’ll be in a remarkable position not only for this year but for the years to come.

However, when you’re starting your journey in coding, it is you who can answer the question of the best coding language to learn. Keeping this in mind, ensure to make your selection based on your interest and a wise decision of which industry you desire to embark on your coding journey in. If you want to reuse your content then you can Paraphrasing Tool Free and reduce your stress.

Keep Calm and Code On!

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