May 29, 2024

TaylorMade Golf Company changed the sport entirely with the introduction of the first-ever Metalwood, a wood made, as the name might suggest, from metal. Steel was tougher than traditional wood club heads, and, unsurprisingly, afforded better performance overall.

So it’s not entirely surprising if you’re interested in upgrading your current golf bag with some TaylorMade golf clubs. But before you go looking for a TaylorMade shaft for your favorite driver or wood it’s worth your time to work with a professional trainer for club fitting services – and here’s why.

A professional trainer, coach, or provider of golf club fitting services can take account of your natural measurements and abilities to ensure you choose a golf shaft of the proper length.

Shafts that are either too long or too short can both encourage shot errors and cause bad habits that will have to be un-learned, not to mention the fact that compensating for a TaylorMade shaft that is not of the proper length will be frustrating and uncomfortable.

Fortunately, your measurements are pretty static. Once you take them and know what they are, you can apply that knowledge to all future purchases of golf shafts.

Weight is another important factor regarding golf shafts that makes a pretty noticeable impact. Shafts that are too light will feel unwieldy or even whippy, whereas shafts that are too heavy will feel dead or make it difficult for you to achieve a consistent form.

Fortunately, just like shaft length, once you know the proper weight range within which you should be working, you can use this knowledge to your advantage. Naturally, you’ll want to work with a coach or trainer to uncover this information, too, though.

Torque is a shaft attribute that measures how much the shaft twists around an axis running through its center during the swing. Shafts with high torque ratings can be slightly unpredictable for players with faster swing speeds.

It’s also the case that shafts with higher torque ratings tend to be less stable through transition, the downswing, and at the point of impact, which golfers generally do not appreciate. Club fitting services can help you better understand your swing speed and tempo – as well as which torque ratings are and are not appropriate for your use.

Flex and Kick Point
More than any of the other shaft factors mentioned flex and kick point will have a marked impact on your abilities as a golfer.

Stiffer golf shafts tend to be the preference of experienced golfers with higher swing speeds. These shafts feel more responsive and twist less through the swing and at the point of impact, enabling greater control over shot dispersion as well as faster golf ball speeds off the tee.

However, for players with slower golf speeds, shafts with higher flex tend to load better with energy, provide better feedback, and give a boost to clubhead speed that correlates to greater forgiveness and additional range.

However, the only way to key in on these sensitive attributes is by working with a professional who will observe your golf swing and tempo before making personalized recommendations about which shafts you should and should not consider.

Choose Dallas Golf Company for Golf Club Fitting Services and TaylorMade Shafts
If you’re getting serious about complementing your abilities with gear that’s well suited for them and have never invested in golf club fitting services before, now’s the time. Spring is still young and there’s the entire season to get in the game.

If you’re in Dallas Golf Company’s area (Dallas, Texas) visit their shop to work with their professionals for golf club fitting services or for a wide range of shafts that will meet your abilities as TaylorMade shafts.

Even if you’re not in their area, you can use their online shaft fitting tool or get in touch with them at 800-955-9550 for personalized recommendations.

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