April 22, 2024

A special form takes the baby carrier for twins. 2 in 1 baby swings here, a stretcher connects two inserts, so you can carry both children at the same time. Most often, such a baby carrier is designed as an abdominal carrier. You can use a baby carrier with a newborn insert from birth.

The most important user questions and answers about baby carriers

Finally, in this category of buying advice, you will find common questions that arise beyond a baby carrier test.

When can a baby carrier be used?

For long use, you should pay special attention to the equipment when buying a baby carrier. So the baby carrier should be height-adjustable and thus adaptable.

How much weight can a baby carrier carry?

Again, there are big differences between the models. There are models that carry 11 kilograms, others are loadable with up to 20 kilograms.

Is a baby carrier suitable for premature babies?

A baby carrier can be used with a bodyweight of about 2 kilograms without any problems. If you are unsure, it is best to talk to the pediatrician.

Which brands and manufacturers are there?

Well-known baby carriers from a baby carrier bag test are mainly available from:





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Where can I get a cheap baby carrier?

Since a baby carrier guarantees close physical contact and promotes healthy development, it has become the standard offer of baby shops. Here you will also find special models such as the baby carrier with jacket insert or the baby carrier for changing.

At Aldi and Lidl there is the outdoor baby swings frame , which is padded, from time to time as a special offer. However, you will not find any special models. A large selection and good comparison possibilities await you, especially online.

For what weight is the Manduca XT baby carrier suitable?

If you buy this baby carrier, you can easily use it from birth. Due to the infinitely adjustable bridge and the headrest, the Manduca XT stretcher of 3.5-20 kg can be used, so it does not have to be replaced after the baby age.

For what age is the Viedouce baby carrier suitable?

If you buy this baby carrier from Viedouce, you can use it for a weight of 3.5-20 kg. This makes it well suited for babies and toddlers between three months and four years.

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