July 13, 2024
Craig Raucher Scam

A scam can wipe the achievements of a person! The Craig Raucher Scam is the brightest instance that proves it yet again! People unaware of his professional skills and position are well-aware of the scam reports. Sadly, it is the reality, and people do not put an effort to discover what is correct. Reading the false rumors is entertaining, for which, they circulate like wildfire. But not anymore. Read on and understand why there is more to tell and know about Craig and his life. 

Skills and innovation – The backbone of his success

Craig Raucher graduated from Brooklyn College and is a degree holder in BBA. Soon after completing college, he joined DHL Airways. He worked diligently and helped the company grow. DHL Airways grew bigger and is currently known as DHL Worldwide Express. The role of Craig in making the company a world-famous name is significant. His innovative ideas in logistics and shipping techniques made it possible. Also, the direct sales pitching skills of the man are known to all in the industry! All these have made him a successful name in the American shipping industry. 

Corporate achievements – People must know about them!

Craig currently holds a prestigious and high-rank position in TFS Global. He is the acting Senior Vice President. In fact, in his successful career, he has also helped startups grow into large corporate entities. One such example is the Skynet Worldwide Express, where he helped the company grow into a $50 million enterprise! 

Scam and false reports – It is now time to put an end to it.

Even after achieving so many things in his career, the infamous scam makes his life miserable. The widely circulated news on the internet exhibits the ill-intentions of his competitors. The envious personalities made the false news so popular across the internet and tried to pull down his reputation. It is high time people recognized the truth and moved over the scam reports! 

A person with an innovative mind!

Undoubtedly, Craig has an innovative mind with genius ideas. The Staten Island Basketball League is an example of the positivity that the man retains in his heart! The league in Staten Island has successfully united so many players belonging to different paths of life. They unite for mutual love and enthusiasm for their favorite sport, basketball. It is possible for Craig and his unique ideas. In fact, he also plays the sport even after knee surgery and tries to stay mentally and physically fit amidst the negativity. 

Know and share the truth! 

As a reader, you should read and verify the source. If you have read the false scam reports and circulated them, you should also do the same for the genuine articles. The article about the real-life achievements and professional skills of Craig Raucher should not go unnoticed as people need to know the correct information. 

Ending note – Learn from the strength and skills

Take lessons from the life of Craig to never give up amidst the negativities! Live life the way you want to and continue the hard work as it will pay you back someday! 

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