May 24, 2024

In view of the many offers, it is not so easy to find a good and cheap baby monitor. non toxic baby swing even a baby monitoring device test cannot always show the desired solution here. It is therefore important that you pay attention to many special features. This includes, for example, the models with cameras, where the baby monitor has a good image quality.

Reach: Think about your needs

The range is one of the most important criteria when choosing a model for a baby monitor test. The same applies to individual comparisons.

Two ranges are given both for the baby monitor with camera function and for other types. On the one hand, the external range must be mentioned here, on the other hand, it is the internal range.

Good baby monitors offer them a range of 50 meters. On the outside, this is between 250 and 330 meters for recommended models. Keep in mind that the range can be disturbed, especially due to buildings, walls, or other objects.

Quality: Equipment and sound quality are decisive

Of course, a baby monitor should be energy-saving, but it is also important that it makes a good impression of quality. Pay special attention to the sound quality. Accordingly, the baby monitor should have a clear tone. It is also important that your baby monitor has an intercom function. So you can communicate with your child and let him know that you are coming soon. This reassures many children.

Keeping an eye on the battery life of the parent unit

When it comes to battery life, the parent unit is particularly interesting. Since a baby monitor must be transportable, the battery life should be as high as possible. Depending on the model and manufacturer, this varies between 10 and 30 hours. Good models offer at least 18 hours.

A baby monitor with LCD display:

Meanwhile, even with a simple baby monitor, the LCD display is standard equipment. The baby monitor with an LCD display shows at a glance whether the receiver is in operation and whether it is also receiving a signal.

The display size should not be too small

Most often, the baby monitor is offered with a mounting kit and camera. If a camera is available, the baby monitor is also available with the display. Here it is especially interesting how big the display is. After all, you want to recognize your child on it without any problems.

Opt for models with a color display of at least 3.5 inches. By displaying the image in color, the quality is significantly better. Furthermore, in this case, the baby monitor should have a night vision function.

Features: Here are the most differences

The biggest differences are in the functions of the baby monitors. best baby swing frame on some models, the transmitter can be rotated from the baby monitor, so you can target it to your child. Practical is a baby monitor with voice activation. It turns on when the station registers a voice. We also recommend a baby monitor with a night light.

Power supply: You have the choice between batteries and rechargeable batteries

Meanwhile, the baby monitor usually has an integrated battery. The baby monitor with batteries is now rare. In a few exceptions, the baby monitor is wired. Incidentally, in the majority of cases, this refers to the transmitter.

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