June 9, 2024
Start (or Restart) Decorating Your Office with These Simple Ideas

An office can make your employees stick to work. They even may not think of resigning if the space is fine. 

With the offices having already reopened, it is your duty to make sure these attributes are considered in your office space in the right ways and in proper proportions. 

In 2022, you can make new office decorating measures to increase the productivity of your employees. You can add more to the functional side of the office space. You can go on adding more aesthetic value to your office by giving it a wonderful refinish so that your employees are encouraged by your office space and get free of boredom. 

So, making your office space come alive again is a few steps away from you. Once you read this post and finish it, you will get to know about these impressive techniques. 

So, read on. 

Bring More Functionality to Your Office Space by Decoration

Making your office space decorated is just as easy as you think it is. You can make the process even faster by choosing a small business loan in Ireland to fund the project. 

Actually, sometimes it is essential to make an office redecoration happen early. 

It can ensure employee happiness. On the other hand, that also brings in employee satisfaction, which makes them more productive. 

So, what are these impressive ways you can use? Here they are:

  • Help Employees Make Desk Space Personal 
  • Add Colours…or Accents 
  • Use a Storyboard 
  • Use Natural Lighting to Work by Large Windows 
  • Bring Some Adjustable Desks 
  • Use Vertical Storage and Hide those Wires 
  • Put the Supplies Located in the Centre 

Let us know about them in detail:

Help Employees Make Desk Space Personal 

According to research, it can help your employees be 32% more productive. 

Doing this is easy. Help your employees decorate their own spaces by using things they have and some items from the office. 

You can ask them to put a photo frame with the team on the desk that aids in contributing to the collaborative efforts an employee gives an organisation. 

It is again a very important thing that the workstation of an employee should look good and attractive to offer them the best working environment. You can allow them to decorate their laptops and chairs etc. They can also clip motivational words on the cubicle to keep themselves encouraged.  

Add Colours…or Accents 

You may add more colour to your office space. But there is something that you can miss out on. 

It is that colours make a difference for different businesses. For example, a restaurant mainly chooses to decorate its walls with red colour or shades of red because, scientifically, that raises the intensity of hunger and the urge to eat in humans. 

However, an office space will obviously go for something different. 

An office needs its employees in a productive way. Science has proven that light shades of colours are perfect for this purpose. It is because:

  •  Light colours relieve stress from long hours of work
  •  They make the room feel larger 
  •  They let in more light 
  •  They are visually comforting 

Now, you can use light colours as an accent by pairing them up with the colour white. You may also use two different light shades for an accented office space. However, a light shade combined with white lets in more light and is strikingly attractive to look at. 

Use a Storyboard 

This is a bit odd, though. 

But you might have seen them in companies that deal with graphic design; animation; gaming; photography, and videography. 

You can create a storyboard from the photographs that captured different events of your office when you people became successful. 

Add some graphic art to those photographs and use them in a sequence to make a storyboard for your office’s walls. 

You can design different storyboards for separate teams as well. 

Use an amount from a small loan in Ireland to hire a graphic designer, and your storyboard will be ready within minutes. 

Use Natural Lighting to Work by Large Windows 

Why do open-air restaurants run so well?

It is because people want to be comforted by the natural ambience at the time they work. The reason for this is that we work in nature itself. 

So, this modern idea of separating yourself from reality and constantly pushing yourself to concentrate on the blue screen with no nature around is not a ‘productive’ idea.

Installing large windows will make a lot of difference. You allow more light and run the office in the daytime entirely by daylight. It will help your employees relax by looking at the sky and the world below it for a minute or two. 

Bring Some Adjustable Desks 

Now it is true that an ergonomic workstation is a must for employees. While they can make that happen in work from home scenario, they cannot make it happen for the office…

…unless you buy an adjustable desk for every employee. 

These desks are available online. If you search extensively and compare prices, you can get them at lower prices. 

Use Vertical Storage and Hide those Wires 

Ask your carpenter to make vertical storage as they take up small space and are easy to access as well. 

Plus, people like cleaner workstations with less cluttered wires. You can instruct your carpenter to install plastic cabinets or casings to put those wires in one place and hide the clutter.

It also prevents small accidents. 

Put the Supplies Located in the Centre 

Whether it is the printers, fax machines, coffee machines, or probably the water stand, keeping them in the middle makes them easily accessible.

This feature also makes activities near these areas more organised. 

To Conclude 

Now that you have got the plans, you can set to work decorating the office. 

Write your plans down; talk to professionals and look for a small loan from Ireland lenders if you want to put zero stress on your savings account. 

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