May 30, 2024
kid's raincoat

During the rainy season, raincoats are the true fellows that save us from getting wet and cool winds. If you are a parent, then it’s vital to look for the kid’s raincoat as children are easily prone to cold and flu during heavy rains. However, the seller claims that the raincoat is waterproof. So, is it really waterproof? Don’t you think it can be a water-resistant raincoat? 

You are now confused. No worries, in this article, you will understand these two terms clearly, and while shopping for a raincoat for your child, you will be more cautious about what to look for or not. No vendor can make you fool after reading this entire information sincerely. 

What is a Waterproof Raincoat? 

Waterproof jackets can resist the water for long hours. The waterproof fabric is made with several layers of materials that make it waterproof. Also, make sure that a person can breathe easily.

However, the reality is that you will hardly find a raincoat for your kid that is entirely waterproof. The welding techniques used in the waterproof jackets or raincoats keep the water out; however, they will create a lot of heat inside, which will be a problem for children as they will find difficulty in breathing. 

The core difference that makes waterproof raincoats different from water-resistant ones is the type of fabric used and the construction.

What is a Water-Resistant Raincoat? 

Most of the raincoats for kids are made from water-resistant materials. These are the fabrics that are densely woven, such as nylon & polyester. The water-resistant fabric also protects you from getting wet as it doesn’t let the water enter inside the raincoat. However, the drawback of water-resistant raincoats is that they will not keep the water out for a very long time. 

There is one more raincoat that is available in the market, the water-repellent raincoat. Here the garment is not easily wet by the water as there is a solid surface coating. The coating is majorly made up of hydrophobic material. Raincoats that allow water beading is the sign of a water repellent raincoat.

Which one to Choose for your Kid? 

If you live in a region where the most frequent rain showers start, then it’s better to opt for waterproof jackets. However, do not neglect the lack of breathing factor in the waterproof jacket. It creates enormous heat inside the jacket that can make your child uncomfortable. That’s why it’s highly worn by adults despite toddlers or young children. 

Hence, compared to the waterproof jacket, for kids, a water-resistant jacket is an ideal choice. It’s because it’s breathable and keeps the child’s garment dry for a good amount of time. After all, who is going to stay in the rain throughout the day? 

Final Views 

Waterproof fabric is more dense than water-resistant. The long-running jacket is waterproof in serious rainfall conditions. However, the article has highlighted the cons of the waterproof jacket that make it unsuitable for children. You are clear about what exactly is the difference and which is highly suitable for your child’s needs.