June 16, 2024

FMCG is the fourth largest sector in India and is always the talk of the town. Not only is it the fourth largest industry in the country, but it is also the most widespread sector all across the globe. It deals with everything that comes under the bracket of consumer goods. Apart from the huge variety of product choices that are included, in reference to all age groups, another factor that plays a very important role is the use of information technology or digitalization. And, with consumers inclining more and more towards the use of the same, it is very important for the FMCG industry to use the tools offered by information technology.

Digitalization in the FMCG industry are meant to redefine the old traditional ways of sales and marketing in the FMCG industry. Thanks to the inclusion of information technology , innovation is at its peak in the FMCG sector. Due to the inclusion of information technology we are successfully able to overcome the challenges in the FMCG industry such as customer experience, store management and chain management.

Use of information technology has become indispensable for all small, medium and large scale sectors of FMCG. This is primarily because the use of information technology is allowing corporations to cut down on their challenges and come out with flying colours.

Some of the extremely reputed organisations such as coca cola, Britannia, Nestle, PepsiCo have trusted information technology for more reasons than one. For them, use of information technology is a major business booster and makes things easier for the customers as well as for them. All over the country, it is unanimously agreed by the FMCG brands that inclusion of information technology is a wise investment.

FMCG, as an industry altogether faces certain major challenges such as expanding product portfolio, managing stock keeping units, tracking employees etc. And inclusion of information technology has reduced these problems to a huge extent. Therefore, leaders from all across the FMCG industry agree that use of information technology in the FMCG industry can bring about a huge revolution in the industry both in terms of revenue and innovation.

Some of the key resources provided by IT to the FMCG industry are listed below:-

Enterprise resource planner:-

Enterprise resource planner or as we also call it ERP is one of the most requested and required tools for the FMCG industry. An ERP system helps a great deal in managing inventory, management if the logistics and the reporting of MIS.

Mobile Applications:-

The most crucial concern in the FMCG industry is to create a brand value for the customers by providing them with the right kinds of products and services at the right point of time. That’s where the use of mobile applications come into the picture. Not only these mobile apps give a smooth shopping experience to the user, it also offers a personalized experience for the users.

Customer relationship management tool:-

Just like the above mentioned tools, this is also one of the most important tools provided by the IT department to the FMCG industry. This tool helps in  retaining important FMCG customers. Tycoons of the FMCG industry are using this tool in order to set up various customer care centers and launching numerous notifications.


Tools provided by information technology are a boon for the FMCG industry and have helped the industry to grow and develop multiple times. And the best part is in order to sync your FMCG business with information technology you don’t have to learn tons of information, just learn the use of most social media platforms and above mentioned ways, and you are good to go.

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