April 22, 2024
Skilled Worker

Canada is one of the most preferred countries for immigrating. The standard of living and excellent career options make it one of the best-suited places for skilled workers. There is always a significant demand for qualified professionals in Canada. 

They offer a permanent resident visa for skilled workers through the skilled worker program. Let us look into the details of the Canada PR Visa process.

There are seven steps involved in applying PR Visa for skilled workers. They are

  • Step-1: Education Credential Assessment
  • Step-2: Language Proficiency Report
  • Step-3: Express Entry Application
  • Step-4: CRS Score
  • Step-5: Express Entry Draw
  • Step-6: Invitation to Apply

Let’s take a closer look at these steps.

Step-1: Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

  • This is the first step in applying for PR in Canada. This involves scrutinizing the educational qualifications of the applicant. 
  • When applying for a skilled worker visa, it is mandatory to have a relevant qualification in a specific field. This ensures that the person’s capability is at the same level of standard as per Canadian requirements. 

Step-2: Language Proficiency Report (LPR)

  • This step of the Canada PR Visa Process involves verifying the applicant’s language proficiency. English language proficiency is mandatory for Canadian PR. Additionally, proficiency in French is an added advantage. 
  • The applicant should have a valid IELTS score to be eligible for the visa. Canadian Government Benchmark Level demands a minimum score of 7 for IELTS for the English language.

Step-3: Express entry application

  • Once the first two steps are completed applicant can submit an express entry application. 

Step-4: CRS Score

  • After reviewing the application, a score will be given to the applicant. This score for a PR visa determines the candidate’s eligibility. 
  • Hence before applying for the visa, applicants should ensure that they have enough scores. This is required to meet the eligibility criteria.

Step-5: Express entry draw

  • Once the candidate qualifies with enough scores, the next step is express entry pool draw. Here the applicant should apply PR pool draw at the specified time frame.

Step-6: Invitation to Apply

  • The applicant will get a rank after reviewing the application. The position is decided based on the total point score of the applicant. 
  • This rank determines the eligibility of a person for a PR visa. Hence to maximize the chances of visa approval, we should target for maximum point score.

Step-7: Final PR application

  • This is the last step of the PR visa process. After that, we have to submit our visa application for a final level review. 
  • They will review our application and will update us on its final approval. They will try to give the support within six months maximum. 


Getting a skilled worker visa Canada can be a turning point in our life. It gives us a new beginning in our lives in a country with a higher standard of living. 

However, the success rate of the PR visa application depends on the skill level and the point score. So applicants should look thoroughly for chances to improve their point score. This will help in getting visa approval quickly. 

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