May 24, 2024
Uber Clone App

Business expansion is a tedious process. It can be challenging for many because not everyone has the right networks, connections, or a smart business solution for it. So, what can entrepreneurs do to upscale their business? In this era of digitization and virtual service procurement, what can be better than creating an online platform that lets your customers book taxi rides? Yes! This digital platform is something like the original Uber app, but let me tell you that the Uber clone app Brazil is better than any other taxi app. 


Why is the clone app the most perfect solution for your local taxi business? Well, because it has the most amazing and advanced features that can help the business owner expand their operations to a wider market without even burning a hole in their pocket. 

Before you move on to discussing those features, it is essential for you to understand that only a reputed, market-leading white-labeling firm can offer these advantages! So, check the entire clone app script package plan before you purchase them, see that they have all the features listed below!

1. Launching the websites and web panels on the hosting server 

The package you’re buying must come inclusive of the upload and launch of the website, user web panel, service provider’s web panel, company web panel, dispatcher, and admin panel. The white-labeling firm goes through the final quality assurance process of all the web components of the Uber clone Brazil to ensure that configurations are done correctly.  

2. App rejection support 

The firm must know the ins and outs of the Google Play Store and iOS App Store standards and app approval regulations. It is the duty of the firm to ensure that the developed apps are up and running on the app stores. They must offer dedicated support to ensure that the apps do not get rejected by the stores and even if they do because of any technical issue, the firm must fix it. 

3. Provide a color theme that matches the logo

The white labeling firm should provide suitable color theme options to choose from. An important aspect of rebranding the base app is matching the theme of the app with the logo. A well-versed white-labeling firm knows how to match the color theme of your taxi booking app Brazil so that it matches the color palette of your company’s name and logo. 

4. Integrate preferred language, currency, and payment gateway

The white-labeling package includes integration of language, currency, and payment gateway of entrepreneur’s choice. English as the default language, the entrepreneur can choose up to 10 different languages and currencies at no extra cost. Integration of language and currency will help the customers easily browse through the app and shop for whatever they need. On the other hand, the integration of the payment gateway will in easy transactions. 

5. Taxi booking via iWatch 

The taxi booking app Brazil on iWatch lets your customers book taxi rides from one location to another within the same city. Once your customer books the taxi ride, all the ride details will be shown on the iWatch screen such as the driver’s name, driver’s photo, phone number, car model, number, etc. 


Build an Uber clone app that holds the caliber of making you a Billionaire! Earn constant commission per service or subscription money and make huge profits! 

To opt for this ready-made, mature, and market-tested app today, connect with the best white-labeling firms you know! Why choose the experts? Well, because they know what they’re doing. The firm will assure only high-quality products and services. 

So, purchase the package today and go live with your apps in just 7 days.

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