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Dinosaurs might have disappeared many millions of years ago yet their influence continues to be felt. From children to grown-ups all are amazed by the giant animals that once roamed the planet.

On the subject of dinosaurs there’s a joke that’s going viral on the web that reads, “Don’t Google which dinosaur has 500 teeth?” The is a prank that was created following a racist joke posted by a group of Reddit users became viral.

If you search ” what dinosaur has 500 teeth?” However, You will see that it is Nigersaurus which refers to “Niger Reptile” or “Niger’s Lizard.” So that you are aware Nigersaurus is among the dinosaurs with the longest lifespan to ever exist on earth.

It was a 30 foot-long herbivore dinosaur that was alive in its middle Cretaceous period. This was in the Albian or Aptian age, roughly 120 to the age of 105 million. It is a genus belonging to Sauropod dinosaurs that resemble Diplodocus fossils of which were found in Gadoufaoua within Niger. Republic of Niger.

The fossils of the dinosaur first came to light in the year 1976. It was not known until 1999 when all remains were found. The genus consists of one species known as Nigersaurus Taqueti. It was named in honor of the French paleontologist named Philippe Taquet, who was the first to find its remains.

If you’d like to learn more about the dinosaur that has 500 teeth it is recommended to go through this article. There are many fascinating information regarding nigersaurus that will be discussed in this article.

Discovery of the Dinosaur with 500 teeth:

Nigersaurus remains were discovered on an expedition in 1965-72 whose head was that of a French paleontologist Philippe Taquet. In the Elrhaz Foundation area called Gadoufaoua in the Republic of Niger, they were discovered. Fossils from the Dinosaur were first mentioned in a paper from 1976. The animal was called Nigersaurus Taqueri in the year 1999, after creating additional and complete remains.

Origin of Nigersaurus’s Name:

The word “Niger Lizard” is used in Greek, “Niger Lizard” is a name that refers to Nigersaurus. In addition, it’s pronunciation is Nye-jersore-us. Sereno. Beck, Dutheil, G.P. Wilson Dutheil, Beck, G.P. Wilson, along with J.A Wilson gave it a name in 1999. It was named after the African country, Nigeria (where they were first discovered).

The next step is to be discussing its characteristics.

Characteristics of Nigersaurus:

This Dinosaur was the most suitable for exploring plants that are close to the ground.

It was characterized by the following features:

  • Body Structure of Nigersaurus

This strange long-necked Dinosaur features an unusually wide straight-edged, straight-edged mouth that’s topped and adorned with over 500 replacement teeth. Nigersaurus is a type of tetrapod that had small head, large hind legs, and a noticeable tail. It was lacking cancellous bone, which resulted in bone plates that were thin and that were filled with air holes in the central.

  • Nigersaurus Weight

It was weighed at least 4 tons, which is similar to an elephant of today. It had a shorter neck with 13 cervical vertebrae. Nearly all had shorter necks. The only one from the family rebbachisaurus was larger than larger sauropods.

  • Nigersaurus Height

The average height was 30 feet. However, Nigersaur is a type of tetrapod that had small head, thick hind legs and a distinctive tail. Within its clade it was quite small and had a length of 9 meters (30 feet) as well as a length of the femur that was just 1 millimeter.

  • Replaceable Teeth

The long-necked Dinosaur has a mouth that is lined with more than 500 replacement teeth. They’re ideal for glancing plants that are close to earth. Nigersaurus Original fossil skulls were the first skull to feature digital reconstructions derived from CT scans. It was also the first to have scans of many other Dinasaur skulls.

What dinosaur is the one with largest teeth?

If you believed that Nigersaurushad most highest number of teeth, then you’re incorrect. The Nigersaurus contains 500 teeth while an Hadrosaurid is equipped with 1,400 teeth. Their teeth are thought as the largest and most intricate among all dinosaurs.

If you’ve ever were curious about which dinosaur had 500 teeth now you have the answer right now.

Final Words on Which Dinosaur has 500 Teeth

Nigersaurus is the 500-tooth dinosaur that people are speaking about online. It’s part of a group of sauropod dinosaursthat were among the largest dinosaurs ever to be found on earth. But the Nigersaurus differed from the rest of its relatives because it was smaller in size and a shorter neck. It was a herbivore that ate food from the earth.

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