April 23, 2024
How Does Astrology Help With Relationships

As one of the famous Beatles songs goes, ‘all we need is love…’ yes, we would be living in a different world if everyone found love. But love is rare, and true love is hard to find. But that does not mean that you give up on love or finding your soulmate. Who knows, you might end up being one of those lucky ones. 

This article will explore astrology and how it can help in relationships, compatibility and finding the love of your life.

Relationship Astrology

However, The branch of astrology that delves into relationships and gauges compatibility between partners is relationship astrology. Sometimes referred to as love astrology or compatibility astrology, it is one of the most popular forms of astrology practised today. In relationship astrology, an astrologer looks at the natal chart of two people and how the planets and the stars align when two charts are placed one on top of the other. Relationship astrology helps look into the compatibility of two people and whether they will be a perfect match for each other for life.

The practice of relationship astrology, which involves a comparison of birth charts and relationship study and analysis by a qualified astrologer Delhi, is referred to as ‘synastry’.

A bit about synastry

Professional astrologers use synastry to gain in-depth insight into personal relationships’ compatibility and underlying vibrations. The astrologer will look at the links and associations between two people by referring to the birth charts. However, Synastry may be sum up as the study and analysis of human relationships through astrology.

How Synastry Works

A synastry study and analysis reflects how you are likely to behave when you are in a relationship. The analysis gives an outline of your and your partner’s overall compatibility. A detailed synastry analysis will provide an insight that will describe how you and your partner will relate and connect with each other on all levels of a relationship – physical, emotional, psychological, sensual, spiritual and soulfulness. Synastry analysis is like observing your relationship under a very powerful microscope, which will allow you to see the finer details that are invisible to the naked eye.

Moreover, through synastry analysis, you will be able to intuitively perceive how you will interact with your partner physically, sexually, emotionally and psychologically. The overall insight that can be avail of a synastry analysis will help you better understand your relationship on a deeper and spiritual level, not just on the material, superficial and physical level. Compassion, understanding, patience and forming realistic expectations will mean more to you in your relationship, as these are the things that give strength to a relationship, to make it timeless and fruitful.

Gauging Personal Compatibility

The study and analysis of relationships using synastry can help appraise and assess personal compatibility on many levels. The awareness and perception gained through synastry will reflect your and your partner’s areas of shared interest and your capacity to communicate with each other effectively. As we all know, effective communication between partners is of the utmost importance for a healthy relationship to develop. Furthermore, the analysis will reveal how you and your partner get on at the emotional level. And how comfortable you both are in sharing your thoughts and your feelings. The passion and intensity of your physical attraction, and in the long term. Whether the two of you would be able to support one another’s worldly ambitions and spiritual ideals.

Synastry involves comparing birth charts and studying the associations and connections between two birth charts. The chart analysis will cover all of the aspects that form a relationship. And the external factors that may influence or have an impact on your relationship. The reading of the chart for synastry analysis will provide indications of where your relationship is heading. The ways to heal and work through a relationship if it is going through stormy waters. And provide you with guidance towards having a healthy and lasting relationship.


Suppose you are based in Delhi and looking for an astrologer in Delhi to help you find your perfect partner. Whatever, If the astrologer is experience and qualify. He or she will tell you that relationship astrology is not so much about finding your ideal partner. As much as it is about forming a healthy and lasting relationship with your partner. And a relationship is not a 100 metres sprint but a marathon that takes patience. Understanding, sacrifices, compromise and communication from both the people involved. So how astrology helps in relationships is that. It provides you with the guidance of working through a relationship. And showing how your relationship can be more in the future.

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