May 30, 2024

At times, you may be unable to use your internet at all its speed. Sending or receiving information may also take longer than it usually does. Such instances can hint that your Wi-Fi’s bandwidth has been limited on certain days. The top internet service provider in Bangladesh, BOL by Beximco, says that when you want to use a speedy connection, the limitations to the bandwidth should be dealt with. Prior to dealing with them, it is vital that you understand what these limitations are and how they can affect your Wi-Fi’s bandwidth.

4 Limitations that Prevent Enhanced Wi-Fi Bandwidth

Wi-Fi users need to essentially comprehend that bandwidth and router share a deep connection. Having said that, Bangladesh Online (BOL) by Beximco adds that the limitations to bandwidth are mainly posed due to router issues. These issues are generated due to factors like location, settings, service, as well as quality. Hence, when the connection has to be enhanced, these limitations should be removed or minimized.

1. Router and its Location

A basic understanding may tell you that your router needs to be placed close to your workstation. When this is not the case, it will be difficult to receive signals and expect a fine bandwidth. Hence, challenges may arise as you stream or use the internet.

Surprisingly, the top internet service provider in Bangladesh says that beyond placing it close to your system, you also need to see where the router is kept. So to say, the location should not have many electronic devices that can come in the way of signals. The clearer the location is without such devices, the better signals can be seen. Thus, the bandwidth shall not stay limited.

2. Software and Settings of Router

It is important to know that a router comes with certain software. This software can be possibly different for every router. The Bangladeshi ISP shares that irrespective of the software, you need to get the updates. This must be done as and when the updates are made available. When this practice is not followed, the functions of the router will be affected. An impact of this will also fall on the bandwidth.

Speaking further, BOL by Beximco unfolds the information that the settings of the router are also of concern. When you are using the router, you need to ensure that its settings are correct. Randomly adding any settings will not prove to be useful as the bandwidth is mostly likely to be affected by this.

3. Quality of Service Configurations

Quality of Service, also known as QoS, is an important feature of your router. On accessing the settings of the device, you may have seen it. To enhance your knowledge about it, Quality of Service is responsible for traffic control, explains the top internet service provider in Bangladesh. It is efficient at understanding which type of traffic is essential and prioritizes it.

Your connection’s bandwidth may be limited when this feature has not been correctly set. You can access it and enable it to understand better what or what not to prioritize. This will depend on the activities that are more/less important to you. Accordingly, you will notice enhancements in the connection and its speed.

4. Router Quality

One of the limitations to bandwidth is the quality of the router. Nowadays, you can find routers with different features and improvements. As compared to the former ones, these are more efficient in terms of functioning.

Thus, when bandwidth issues come to service, you should consider whether or not the quality of the device is agreeable, suggests BOL by Beximco. This top internet service provider in Bangladesh Bangladesh Online (BOL) by Beximco additionally puts forth that you should opt for a router that features dual bandwidth. As a result, you can decide which frequency to use when performing an activity on the internet.

In Essence

Bandwidth limitations can range from the location of your router to its quality. Since most of these are a result of router-related problems, you should consider investing in a good device. In terms of quality, features, and functioning, a carefully chosen router will root out such limitations. At large, you can expect a better experience when using your internet connection.

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