July 21, 2024

Students find essay writing tools to be tough, but there are plenty of online tools that can help you write the best essay you can. Writing brings several career options and might require a good set of skills and talent. During their academic tenure, students look for help when trying to write something. There are many online tools that assist students in achieving their academic goals.

There are many benefits of a career in writing, and there are many openings. There will be exciting opportunities at their disposal, and students can expect to work in better places.

Writing is an easy skill to learn, and in the digital age, it can be quickly known at home.

Online training courses are a vast resource. The trial-and-error method helps in achieving the goals. Be committed to learning new skills. For a novice, writing may seem difficult, but with effort and time, it gets easier.

Many students use essay typer to produce error-free copies. This helps them majorly in achieving better grades in exams too. An essay should be well planned and is an essential part of the writing process.

 Many students are focused on tapping on their creativity. In today’s world, the technological imagination is used to dream up solutions, and skills are redefined into existence with more invention. Writing is essential in any field, and in companies these days, bright ideas are always encouraged.

Essay writing tools

Writing is not just limited, it is a creative endeavour, and one has to come up with quality content each time. Many uses Grammar checker to write quality content and engage the readers.

 There are plenty of career options related to relevant writing.

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Summary: Writers should feel at ease as there are many online tools to publish their work online. Writing is the best way of establishing a relationship with the reader, and it also helps build creativity.

It is easier to take help from several online resources, and even professionals require a thriving environment to write. Finding the right essay writing tools will make the writing more productive. Get the right app and resources to make the best copy.

We list the top 5 essay writing tools for writers to seek help and inspiration from:

Microsoft Word

It comes with an established word processor in Microsoft Word and is one of the early word processors. Microsoft Word probably comes with a lot of variety in formatting options. Those who want to write a longer document with many sections or headers help in getting the best results.


It tops the list among the writers and is a favourite writing tool among many. It identifies the grammar and spelling mistakes and also helps in detailed writing enhancements concentrating on clarity, conciseness, and tone. Grammarly can be installed as an extension for Chrome, Safari, or Firefox web browsers for free. There is an online Grammarly editor, and one can avail Grammarly Premium, a paid service that offers more profound writing feedback. It also helps in detecting plagiarism and provides style and vocabulary enhancements.


Towards describes itself as “the web app that nudges you to write.”

The app works on three principles—awareness, accountability, and consistency. The app helps you write better, and one can also expect to improve their writing skills. They can keep a track of how one writes each day and month. Those who get writer’s block can refer to a library of prompts. In order to keep track of time or challenge themselves on how much they can write in a specific amount of time or read an article about their habits -this app is the ideal.


This software program syncs digital items across all your devices. For example, suppose you are at the office and want to consult a website that you viewed on your desktop last night at home by setting up Evernote to monitor specific folders on the computers. Whatever is added to the folder gets accessible to all the tech gadgets. It helps in searching notes even if you don’t remember where you saved something.

Google Docs

It is an online word processor, and all its collaboration and organization features help you in writing a draft of your short story, which can be later shared. The documents can be stored in Google Drive, permitting access to documents from anywhere.

Suggestions to write better:

After the essay is planned and enough research is done through books and journals- Start writing. Refer to some specific websites so that you can keep the focus up without getting distracted. Look at good managing tools and the ones which are free. There are many online databases and library catalogues to refer to manually.

Also, try and organize all the references in groups. Oxford English Dictionary is a fantastic tool where all one needs is to log in and access it online.

Always stay focused when writing, and it is a good idea to separate the drafting process from the editing process. The first draft is a little rough and unsettled, but it will get in shape through editing.

Artificial intelligence in writing

Artificial intelligence has gained a lot of traction in maintaining grammar, spelling and style. It can be very helpful for things like emails – but if you’re writing an essay, you might prefer to draft first and then use Grammarly afterwards. Writers often struggle to find the right word. They know what they want to say but cannot think of the best way to say it. By broadening the vocabulary using a thesaurus, one can look up words and pick something that precisely conveys your thoughts.

Some apps the Hemingway focuses on the style and readability rather than on spotting typos and is named after the American novelist Ernest Hemingway. The novelist was known for his clear and concise writing. The app is easily accessible without logging in. One just needs to go to the website and copy or type the chosen text.

What are the key benefits of writing?

  • The writing process may take many forms, be it visual or textually, and it helps boost creativity. One also gets to know about the writing style.
  • Writing helps refocus a message, and one can constantly learn from the feedback. It helps to reflect on how to develop as a writer.
  • Writing is more impactful than other communication channels, and one can choose any language to influence the thoughts and actions of readers in particular ways.
  • Writing has a different purpose- to stimulate the interest of the reader. Writing helps to reflect on your experiences and learn from them. Writing is a crucial way of assessing progress.
  • Writing helps in channelizing themselves and finding out their inner voice.

Summary: Writing is an art and an essential part of the academic curriculum. Students must not shy away from taking help from others or online tools to reach their goals. The online tools are a sound support system for the budding writers and are helping writers in every possible way. Step- up the game and challenged yourself in the best possible way.

Author bio: James Smith is a research associate at the University of Perth and a part-time teacher. He excels in fictional writing and has composed several books. James is also a part of MyAssignmenthelp.com and helps students achieve their academic goals. In his free time, James likes to bake and cook exotic dishes.

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