July 25, 2024

There are four common materials used to make bongs. They are glass, ceramic, acrylic and silicone.

Of the materials mentioned above, glass ranks first. It has become a trend to manufacture scientific grade borosilicate glass bongs. The material itself provides the smoke without any added aftertaste. You savor what has been burned, as they say. Although the glass breaks under a strong impact, such as falling from the top of a table, it is still invulnerable to small bumps and accidental tipping. If you prefer the best smoke flavor, opt for glass bongs.

Ceramic bongs are almost the same as glass bongs. The difference is that ceramic bongs are more resistant than glass ones. Apart from that, there are users who say that ceramic bongs sometimes have a strange aftertaste. That aftertaste greatly affects the user experience. But in general, ceramic bongs don’t stray too far from glass.

For clumsy beginners, acrylic and silicone bongs are best. They get the job done, but also provide the added security that you don’t have to buy a new bong every time you tip over or hit something. Although they are not the best materials to rely on for smoke flavor, they are good primary investments if you are still trying out which bong suits you best.

How do water pipes work?

A hookah starts working as soon as the material in the herb bowl is lit. When the buds are lit, they produce smoke. That smoke travels through the lower stem to the water chamber. As the smoke circulates, the water filters impurities from the smoke leaving only a clean, powerful flavor for your inhalation. As soon as the smoker is ready, the smoke travels up the neck and out the opening for inhalation.

What is an ash catcher?

Just like mini dab rigs, bongs also come with accessories. In this sense, ash catchers are the most common accessories. But what is ash catchers used for?

Ash catchers are bong accessories that keep bongs cleaner for longer. Literally on their behalf, ash catchers trap soot and ash from entering the main water chamber. This process allows the user to not clean the bong after each use and only clean the ash catcher attachment for added convenience. We all know how tedious it is to clean a bong, right?

Some ash catchers even have added features like percolators. This type of ash catcher adds an extra level of filtration process which in turn provides a cleaner taste. We have explained it in more detail in an article we wrote about the best ash catchers. The article also includes a guide to choosing the right ashtray for you.

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