July 21, 2024

If you are looking for answers to why the Epson printer won’t print. This will be able to illustrate all the possible causes of the case. Of course, as with any problem with electronic devices, there can be several reasons for the printer, not printing. Among the most common causes of printing problems are:

  • problems with printer drivers
  • printer toner
  • Printer Status
  • jammed paper
  • The printer does not print

Let’s now analyze all the causes listed above to provide adequate support to identify why the printer does not print and how to solve the problem.

If the printer appears to be well connected and configured, one of the first hypotheses is that of the print queue. This causes a temporary blocking of the printer, which, no longer recognizing a priority in the printing process, interrupts all types of printing activities. In this case, the printer no longer prints because it can no longer respond to your commands, leaving the prints on standby until all the pending print jobs are disposed of.

In these situations, it often happens to make things worse by adding other documents in the queue, hoping that magically, the machine will resume correct operation: well, it doesn’t! Continuing to open the same document and send it to print repeatedly will only leave the blocking situation unchanged, if not even make it worse.

How to clear the print queue

Therefore, if you have regularly sent the document to print, the icon with a small printer may appear in the desktop traybar. Just double-click it to access the print queue area. Select them all and right-click on them. At this point, a drop-down menu will allow you to remove them by clicking on the appropriate “Delete print jobs” button.

The printer driver

if the printer does not work, there may be several causes. After explaining how to fix the print queue problem, let’s move on to the printer drivers. Drivers usually contain a lot of information to help you understand why the printer is not printing. If the machine is wireless or a network printer, it could cause misconfiguration of the network or device and, therefore, an offline printer problem.

If the network printer does not print, there could be a problem with an incorrect configuration. In this case, you can check and update the drivers if updates are available. If the problem persists, it could be a problem with the print drivers themselves and should therefore be completely uninstalled.

Once this step has been carried out, install the printer driver again and try the configuration again. When downloading the drivers, make sure it is the latest version. Once the process is finished, create a new attempt to print and check if the problem has been successfully solved.

Change printer toner

If the printer does not print or otherwise does not do it well, it could be a much simpler problem: out of toner or out of printer drum. It will be sufficient to clean the printer to verify it is enough to continue the printing activities; otherwise, you will need to purchase new replacement consumables.

Check the Printer’s Status

 However, if none of the above options reflects the nature of your problem, the cause could be: “Printer in error state”! In this circumstance, it is necessary to access the printer status area and carry out a check; if you find a printer error message, there may be an actual machine problem.

  • Check that it is connected to the computer (cable or wireless)
  • Make sure ink and paper are present
  • Check the cover (if it is open, perhaps or if there is jammed paper).

Check jammed paper

The last step is to check if the printer returns a paper jam error. In this case, follow the printer’s instructions and remove the jammed sheet of paper from the tray.

Paper jams in the printer can be caused by various factors, such as poor weight or poor quality paper types or paper size not supported correctly by your machine. Proceed to purchase photocopy paper quality to no longer run into printing problems due to poor choice of printer paper. Remember the right weight and size for each device.  

The printer does not print

When the Epson printer won’t print and the driver gives problems, you can uninstall and reinstall it, but first, download the latest version for our printer. Sometimes it is necessary to eliminate all traces of the drivers related to old printers, which are no longer useful and can cause malfunctions.

If you have any problems, you can delete the printer from the control panel and proceed with the wizard for a new installation. In this case, Windows will offer you to download the latest drivers for the printer, or you can carry out the same procedure using the CD-ROM supplied with the printer.

However, if this is not the correct one, click on “Printers and scanners” and “Allow Windows to manage the default printer”. Once this is done, you can select the correct one as default by right-clicking. Once you have tried all the various solutions, at least one of them has helped you solve the problem, unless there is a hardware failure in the devices used.

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