April 20, 2024
Email Hosting Providers

Small business owners are very price sensitive. We can understand that they are just starting or trying to settle in the market, and dumping them with expensive hosting options is not gonna help them. But, that doesn’t mean, they cannot enjoy the best Email Hosting service like any other grown-up business. So, here’s good news for them, in this article we are gonna spell about top 5 email hosting providers, that are just so perfect for small businesses in 2022. Small Businesses don’t need thousands of email addresses and thus, they simply don’t want to spend a huge amount on hosting emails alone.

So, if you are looking for an affordable and reliable email hosting provider, then HostingSeekers is your go-to option. It is specially designed to fulfill all small businesses’ needs at a very low price. But, if you want, you can check other options too that are available in the market like Google Workspace.
For those who are very new to this topic, let’s make it simple for them by putting down some points that will help you to choose the best email hosting provider for your business.

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a service that provides you email server. To get the service you will have to sign up for the email hosting service package, and for that, all you need to have is a domain name, in order to use this email service. The email hosting service in business is used to manage, send, and maintain your email accounts. Mostly, large companies have their in-house email server, which is actually very costly, thus, small businesses use email hosting services from providers like HostingSeekers, Google, Zoho, and others.

Types of Email Hosting To Consider For Small Businesses :

For every purpose, there are different types of web hosting services, Let’s have a look at them so that you can choose the right email hosting service for your business –

1)Shared Web Hosting With Email Service –
The email service is offered along with shared hosting. It doesn’t allow you to send or receive bulk emails due to limitations on the email server.

2) Third-Party Email Hosting –
A third-party email hosting solution is a favorite choice for many digital businesses. These are highly scalable, easy-to-use email servers that also provide excellent support. But, do remember, that you will need to pay extra to use this service. Thus, the cost will be a bit more than the shared hosting plan with an email service.

3) Self-Hosted Email Server –
These are very robust and complex email hosting solutions. It requires technical experts to operate. But the servers are reliable and allows to send, receive, and maintain emails easily.
So, now, once you have decided which type of Email hosting to choose, it’s easy for you to pick the right email hosting provider.

Top 5 Email Hosting Providers For Small Businesses in 2022.

1)Google Workspace –
First on our list is Google Workspace. We all know how Gmail works. Suppose Google Workspace is an advanced, more sophisticated, and point-rich interpretation of Gmail. Google Workspace is a set of Google pall- grounded operations that allow you to simplify numerous of your tasks. It includes Timetable, Chat, Drive, Docs, Wastes, Slides, Spots, Meet, and more.

It’s one of the most popular dispatch services available with over a billion active druggies. Also, you can use multiple third-party operations on Google Workspace to enhance your productivity for no redundant charge. Do remember that Google Workspace isn’t free and you’ll have to pay a nominal figure for using Google Workspace operations. The prices start from as low as$ 6 per stoner per month for the Business Starter plan, and can go as high as$ 18 per stoner per month for the Business Plus interpretation. With Google Workspace, each stoner gets 30 GB of storehouse space participated across Google apps including Gmail, Drive, Prints, and Croakers with the Business Starter plan. There’s a 14-day free trial available too.

2) Zoho Mail :
Zoho correspondence service is a volition to Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 business dispatch. It offers nearly the same features including hosted emails, an office suite, and other tools for work. Zoho offers a free and a paid interpretation of the corresponding service. The free service offers introductory features similar as a web-grounded customer to shoot and admit emails. With the free interpretation, you can neither set up a business account nor can you get a custom sphere service. On the other hand, with the paid interpretation of the Zoho correspondence service, you can fluently set up a custom sphere name for your emails. It also supports POP/ IMAP/ dispatch forwarding service. You can check your dispatch using a third-party app. Zoho Mail is an affordable option for new businesses as its Mail Lite starts with a$ 12 per time price label, with 5 GB dispatch storehouse. Advanced plans of Zoho correspondence offer 30 GB storehouse per stoner, and features like Zoho Docs cloud storehouse, and Zoho Office Suite.

3) Office 365 Outlook
Still, the Microsoft Office Suite 365 is the stylish option available to you, If you’re a Microsoft stoner. The Office 365 service offers a pack of all necessary tools including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You’ll also get the Office 365 Business Premium for your dispatch hosting account. The service is available with a custom sphere name. The Office 365 Business Premium service offers 50 GB of space and uses the custom sphere name for a dispatch address. With the Office 365 Outlook interpretation, you’ll get Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, and Publisher (for PC only) operations to enhance your productivity. Also, you’ll get a 1 TB OneDrive cloud storehouse to store your lines. Office 365 Outlook costs$ 72 per time.

4) ServerGround
ServersGround Give Devoted waiters and Virtual Waiters with high-quality NVMe SSD motorists and the rearmost Intel/ AMD Processors for the stylish in-class performance.

5) Amazon SES
The Amazon SES ( Simple Dispatch Service) is an affordable and largely flexible dispatch service that can gauge your business requirements. Amazon is no foreigner to pall- grounded services, and the SES integrates snappily and efficiently into their business.
Amazon SES has a character dashboard that you can use to track the performance of your dispatch juggernauts and get further spam feedback to maximize the performance of your emails. It has a host of erected-in security options, like the Sender Policy Framework and the Domain Keys Linked Correspondence that authenticate emails on both ends.

Conclusion :
That’s all you need to know about email hosting and best email hosting for small businesses. Nowadays, Email marketing is becoming an integral part. So, if you too want to scale your business, you must opt for an Email Hosting service and a good email hosting provider will help you to scale, enhance, and get more customers through its service.

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