June 8, 2024
Cloud of daggers 5E

The Cloud of Daggers is a small slot. The most damaging is the “area of ​​impact” that with the right setup can handle a ton of pain. It is also a magic of misunderstanding, which we hope to clear.

Let’s take a look at all the fun ways to bring Cloud of Daggers to your next DnD session, tips for magic DMs.


Cloud of daggers 5e is on their spelling list in the following classes:

  • Bard
  • Wizard

No subgroup gets Cloud of Daggers for free.


A cloud of daggers that can affect between 1 and 4 squares (depending on your DM) and 4d4 (average 10). Can harm any creature that first enters the bend area or its The turn begins.

The Cloud of daggers 5e can last up to 1 minute and can deal damage several times in each round of combat. But not several times at a time.


The rules of Cloud of Daggers in DnD 5e are as follows:

Cloud of Daggers only affects 5 feet square if your DM determines. That the effects fall on the battle map grid, or between 2 and 4 squares. If they do not recognize the effects on the grid. Originally there was a controversial response in Sage Advice and later coded in Sage Advice Compendium, game developers left it up to DMs to decide whether AoE effects should be “snaped” to the grid (SAC). 16).

In both cases, the dagger’s space cloud affects the 5-foot cube, meaning it affects 1 tile = 5 feet equivalent to 1 tile on the battle map. Sloth artist rendering:

Only square X is affected. All creatures in the OR squares are completely protected from the cloud of daggers.

However, a DM can allow a player to cast a cloud of daggers at the intersection of two or four squares. In that case, the cloud of daggers 5e would look like this:

Either way

Obviously, this decision has a huge impact on the power of the Cloud of Daggers.

Cloud of Diggers is about “magic” minimizing damage. “Magic” damage is not a technical DnD term, but it is important to note that the Cloud of Daggers works to overcome the resistance of creatures and the immune system to reduce “non-magical” damage. Confirmation of wise advice.

The cloud of daggers 5e does not cause immediate damage if placed in a creature-occupied area. The Compendium of Wise Advice confirms that spells such as the Cloud of Daggers and the Moon Beam do not have an immediate effect, but rather “harm your enemies at a later turn” (SAC 19).

When you cast it and when the enemy’s turn starts you definitely don’t auto-hit with the Cloud of Daggers in your turn.

You can force a creature into the Cloud of daggers 5e area to do immediate damage (once per turn). The SAC states that “entering such an area of ​​influence is not voluntary … so throw it away” (SAC 19).

In other words, you can instantly damage an enemy by blowing it into the Cloud of Daggers with something like Thunder View. It has its own limitations, as the SAC also reminds us that CoD and similar spells affect only one creature “when it first turns into this area”.

Of course, there are many twists and turns in a single round of combat, so with Smart Team Play, Cloud of Daggers has the opportunity to recap a lot of losses.

A cloud of daggers can harm allies (including you). The cloud of daggers 5e harms “a creature” – the spelling text says nothing about hostility or friendship.

You damage the Cloud of Daggers when it actually hits a creature. So when you actually cast Cloud of daggers 5e, you don’t immediately roll that loss.

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