May 25, 2024
creating and hosting a website on linux shsred server in india

you may need to know about many things before starting to build a website for your business. It is pretty easy to host a website on a Linux shared Hosting in India once the preparation is complete.

There are two methods of website creation. The first one is to create a website using programming languages like HTML or CSS, or javascript. Secondly, you can create a website for yourself using a website builder without having to know any code.

It is important to research many things before you create a website. And why those things play an important role in a website.

We also tell you how you can easily host your website on an India Linux shared web hosting.

How to Create a Website?

As I said before, We can make a website using two methods. Using programming language or using a website builder.

Using programming languages

Programming languages are computer languages used by developers to communicate with computers. There are several different programs ( C, C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS) that do specific things.

You can make a website from scratch by using a programming language. But first, you need to be clear about these languages.


HyperText Markup language in short HTML. First of all, this is not a complete programming language, and Html codes are responsible for how any website’s elements will function. 

HTML tells you where an image should have to be on the web page. And where and how should other elements of the webpage appear?


Documents written in Html or XML are presented using CSS.

While HTML is responsible for where and how your images, videos, and elements will appear on a web page, CSS is responsible for how they look and are presented. It is CSS’s job to make your website visual and attractive.


Websites are primarily developed with Javascript. Javascript is responsible for the functionality of web page elements. It will decide how your web page elements will work and how responsive your webpage is.

Website Builder

Website builders are made to do all the coding stuff automatically, and you need to choose a template and theme. And boom, Your website is ready to go. 

This is primarily the easiest and most preferred method nowadays as you do not need to do any mind-boggling coding task.

To make a website using programming languages, you have to learn to code first. You can however make a website in minutes by choosing a template and using a website builder.

Choose a domain name that perfectly describes your website

Once you complete the preparations for your website, you require a domain name, IP address, and web hosting to host it online.

What is a Domain name?

A domain name is the name of a website. It would be best if you needed to consider many things, like the Domain name you choose has to be according to your business and where your business is located, and the purpose of your website. 

  • Choose a Trusted Domain Registrar
  • check whether the domain name is available or not
  • Choose the Best Domain Name Option
  • Purchase suitable Domain Name

Host your website on Linux shared hosting in India

Once you complete all the work of website making and domain registration, you need to choose a web hosting type for your website. If you want to buy Linux shared hosting in India, then here is the process to host your website on Linux shared hosting in India.

Look for the best Linux shared hosting India

Linux shared hosting in India is available from a number of companies. But if you want the best web hosting services, some factors have to be in the web hosting provider.

  • 99.90% server uptime
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Control panel with server
  • Server monitoring
  • High bandwidth
  • Enough Disk space

All the above-given features must be in India’s best Linux shared hosting provider.


Now you know how to build a website for your business and how you can host it on India Linux shared hosting servers. You may need to do some research for the best, and cheap Linux shared hosting in India.

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