April 22, 2024

Sportscards have been around for over a century. Don’t believe us? Do some research ( don’t worry, we have done it for you- the first sports card was produced in 1865). With the sheer volume of sports cards out there, it can be tricky to know the ones with value. Don’t get us started on finding rare collections.

Seeing your collection of sports cards lying around at home, you may wonder to yourself -are dodgers’ baseball cards worth money? Well, yes. They are worth money. One of the best ways to appraise a card is by determining its age. Older cards are in high demand- for example, collectors are more likely to buy basketball cards online or in stores if they were produced before the 80s.

If you have a bunch of cards at home and you are trying to determine their value, stick around, this article is for you.

In this post, you will learn how to determine the age of your sports card.

How old is your sports card?

The year the card was produced significantly affects the value or price of the card. The older the card, the more the worth (in most cases). It’s quite simple, older cards tend to be more difficult to find, and this increases their rarity. Another reason vintage cards are more valuable is the supply- before 1980, companies didn’t print as many cards as they did now. If you have a pre-1980 or a pre-war card, chances are, the card is of good value.

In most cases, you can check the age of the card by checking the information on it. For instance, buy dodgers baseball cards that have the card’s year of production besides the player’s stat. Make sure to add a year from the one printed on the card- You should do this because manufacturers at the time printed cards a year after the last season indicated on the card.

Newer cards, on the other hand ( cards produced from 1980 till date) have a different system. You can determine the age of modern baseball cards by checking for the copyright year. In some cases, the copyrights may not be correct, meaning the company produced a year after the last season. So in this case, check for the last statistics of the player, and finally subtract one year from it. This should help you accurately determine the age of your card.

If you are still confused for some reason, you still have two options.

Option A would be to use online tools to help you accurately determine the year. It is a simple process. All you need are the information on the card. With a few clicks here and there, you can determine the age.

Option B is more old-fashioned. You can visit your local card shop and discuss with the dealer, who is more experienced in dealing with cards. You can also meet other collectors, trade with them, and get good deals on new collections.

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