July 13, 2024

Baby Rash is one of the most common baby skin aliments, yet the most painful too, for both the baby and the parents. 

Though it’s not life-threatening at all, but if not given the proper care, then your baby’s rash can really wreak havoc on that little bottom. So it’s important for the parents to stay alert and take action the moment they feel their baby is suffering a rash.

Below mentioned are some of the major symptoms and causes of common baby rash so that you can spot out easily whenever a rash is growing on your baby’s diaper area. You can easily prevent rashes by following this.

What are the Symptoms of Baby Rash?

First of all, let’s discuss some of the common symptoms that may appear during a rash 

Change in Skin Color

One of the apparent changes you will notice in rash is the color change of your baby’s skin. Your baby’s bottom will start to appear either red or light brown. In severe cases, the color might even go black. So keep noticing your baby’s skin color and pay attention to even the slightest change.

Skin May Feel Rough

Some of the time the baby’s skin might not show apparent changes in skin color when it comes to rash. Therefore you wouldn’t know if there is something wrong or not. So in that case, just gently touch your baby’s skin, if there is a rash the skin will start to show a rough and broken texture. 

Change in Baby’s Mood

Another symptom of Baby Rash is the swings in mood. Your baby will start to cry a lot, especially when changing a diaper or during direct contact with the water. This is because the touch of a wipe or that of water will irritate the sore and broken skin of your baby.

What Causes the Diaper Rash?

Prolonged Exposure to Unclean Diaper

If you have left your baby for a long time in an unclean diaper, then the prolonged exposure to feces and urine will definitely cause a rash in your baby.

Use of New and toxic Products

If your baby has sensitive skin, then the use of any new and chemical containing product, either it be a diaper, a wipe, soap or a lotion, it will cause your baby’s skin to become sore because the delicate skin of your child’s bottom will not be able to bear any new harsh chemical. It may also appear when you wash your baby’s clothes with a non-baby friendly detergent or bleach.

Favorable Habitat for Bacteria and Fungus

As the diaper area is mostly covered tightly, therefore it becomes moist, damp, and warm. This provides a habitat for a variety of bacterial and fungal infections that cause rashes in babies. So give your baby a little time without a diaper and schedule a diaper-less routine.

Medicine Use

If your baby is taking any medicines, especially an antibiotic, then it may result in a rash because the anti-biotic might also kill the good bacteria that are prohibiting the growth of fungus. So whenever using an antibiotic, always ask your physician if it is safe for the baby’s skin.

Scraping or Grazing of Skin

If your baby is wearing a really tight diaper, then the chafing and scraping of his legs with the sides of the diaper might also result in thigh and hips rash.


Continuous exposure to the sun also causes diaper rash and sunburn in babies, so always put sunblock or any ointment on your baby’s diaper before going out, or you can also consider putting ice packs under the seat of your baby’s pushchair.

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