May 21, 2024

With Paper turn’s PRO membership, you can add joins in mass to your flipbook utilizing a .xls document. You can add either outer connections or item interfaces, assisting you with saving valuable time and exertion.

**If it’s not too much trouble, note, that the Bulk Link Import highlight is just accessible with our Pro membership. Neither our free 14-day preliminary nor our Basic membership takes into consideration admittance to this component. This component requires a great deal of specialized information. If it’s not too much trouble, have a specialized colleague while setting up this feature.**


  •  Select the flipbook you wish to transfer mass connects to and click on the “Mass IMPORT” tab.
  • Screen capture showing choice to select outside or item connects for mass connection transfer highlight
  •  Select the flipbook you wish to transfer mass connects to and click on the “Mass IMPORT” tab.
  •  Select the kind of connections for your mass import:

Outer connections will divert your watchers to a beyond the flipbook

Item connections will add programmed item connections to your items and work along with our Shopping Cart Feature. It is critical to take note that the shopping basket includes MUST be initiated first assuming you pick this choice.


  •   Download and see our .xls model format. The .xls document you transfer should match our model layout precisely (with regards to arranging and information input) for the transfer to work.
  • Download the clear .xls record layout and complete it by adding your applicable information.
  • Necessities while finishing up your .xls format:

You should fill in the SearchText section. This is the main section that requires information for the component to work. search text alludes to the information that we will look for inside your flipbook to add the applicable connection. search text should be novel and must precisely match the text in your flipbook for us to precisely put your connection (counting spaces and exceptional characters). For instance, the item name in your flipbook is Porcelain Mug 21. Your search text in your .xls record should be Porcelain Mug 21. If you have an item number rather than an item name, it is desirable to over-utilize that all things are equal. It is simpler for our framework to look for conclusive numbers as opposed to names/characters.

search text ought to just be placed once. Regardless of whether the SearchText is shown various times inside your flipbook, it ought to just show once in your .xls archive. There ought not to be (at least two) columns with a similar SearchText. Assuming there are at least two lines with a similar SearchText in your .xls-document, then, at that point, they won’t be imported.

Mouseover text alludes to the text that will show when your watcher floats their mouse over your embedded connection.

Outside Links should incorporate the full web address, beginning with HTTP://…

Item Links should exclude a cashed image in the valuing section – just the number with a comma as a decimal point (ex. 99,95). You might choose your money choice inside the Shopping Cart highlight.

You don’t have to fill in each segment (just SearchText is required).

There can’t be any vacant columns in the .xls document – our framework will quit looking when it perceives break-in information.


Screen capture telling the best way to transfer your finished .xls record


Choose which symbol to show with the connections, the size of the symbol, the shade of the symbol, and the area of the symbol comparable to the search text. You can likewise decide not to show a symbol (‘none’) and the connection will be embedded straight over your SearchText.

Screen capture telling the best way to tweak and plan your mass connection symbols

When you’re done with customization, click “IMPORT LINKS”.


  • Once your .xls document has been effectively transferred, Paperturn will provide you with an outline of where your connections have been embedded.
  • If you’re happy with your outcomes, click ‘save.’ Your mass connections will currently be added and dynamic inside your flipbook.

On the off chance that you’re not happy with your outcomes, select ‘drop’ to eliminate your record. From here, you can change the SearchText on your unique .xls document and reupload the revised record to see new outcomes.


The most effective method to alter and eliminate your mass connections

Step-by-step instructions to CHANGE ALL BULK LINKS: Visit the “Mass IMPORT” tab on the relating flipbook, alter your symbol show choices, and snap “SAVE CHANGES”. This will apply your progressions to all connections transferred utilizing the mass connection.

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