June 16, 2024

Effectively work out and print careful postage for letters and bundles utilizing only your PC and printer.

1. Interface with Stamps.com.

Stamps.com interfaces with your postage account utilizing the Internet utilizing an internet browser or through our free programming (download now). At the point when you print postage, the postage sum will be deducted from your record. There will never be an extra charge. You pay a low month-to-month charge of only $17.99 in addition to material duties if any to utilize the help and its many time-and cash saving elements. That is undeniably less than you’d invest in energy-consuming excursions to the Post Office or on costly postage meters.

2. Input or pick a location from your location book.

Timbri online imports conveyance addresses naturally from your MS Outlook, Act! also, numerous other well-known address books and contact the board programming. You can add or alter addresses whenever. You might print postage straightforwardly from MS Word, Outlook, and QuickBooks.

3. Gauge your bundle utilizing your free* 5 lb. advanced scale.

Utilize the free Stamps.com 5 lb. advanced scale (*just pay postage) to precisely gauge your envelopes or bundles – you’ll at absolutely no point ever overpay or come up short on postage in the future! The scale associates straightforwardly with your PC and incorporates flawlessly with the Stamps.com program. Assuming you want to weigh heavier bundles you can move up to our 35 lb. scale whenever.

4. Quickly work out and print your definite postage.

Stamps.com works out and prints the specific postage sum on standard marks, envelopes, or plain paper. What’s more, Stamps.com will provide you with a gauge of the conveyance season of all suitable USPS administrations, so you can pick the savviest mail class given your necessities. Stamps.com utilizes the USPS information base to approve your conveyance address, guaranteeing quick, precise conveyance. You could send an email to the beneficiary to illuminate them that the bundle is coming.

5. Send it off.

Apply your USPS-supported postage to your mailpiece and either hand your letters and bundles to your Postal Carrier, plan a USPS get, drop them at the Post Office (without remaining inline) or put them in a mail assortment box. Besides, when a bundle of 13 oz. or on the other hand more shows postage printed from Stamps.com, the USPS permits you to sidestep the 13 oz. limit limitation and drop it directly in a mail assortment box!

6. Track bundles and view history.

Stamps.com consequently keeps a nitty-gritty record of the postage you print. This makes it simple for you to survey your postage spending or to print a report for your records. Furthermore, with Stamps.com “a single tick bundle following,” there is a compelling reason need to type long following numbers to check your bundle conveyance.


You never again should invest energy in lengthy lines or move out of your home or office in harsh weather conditions. Everything can be overseen online by the dash of a button. A large number of web-based postage arrangements that are accessible don’t expect you to buy or lease any expert gear, postage stamps can be printed from your standard printer. You can sort out a simple drop-off at the neighborhood outlet or set up an assortment to suit. A protection choice can likewise be bought to permit you an inward feeling of harmony for costly transfers.


You can choose when you need to sort out your postage and have the adaptability to do this all day, every day, you never again need to race to the power source before shutting time or work around occupied periods. It places you in charge of your own time allowing you to structure and deal with your staff as per your necessities. You can have a decision on transportation strategies to suit your necessities and a fast conveyance choice is accessible.


Postage can be a major thought for some organizations and standard and different clients, there is the chance of getting to transportation limits which when accumulated throughout the year could add up to a significant total, and for weighty clients, the limits could duplicate.

Custom Options

For any business, showcasing and publicizing are significant and one way that this should be possible is by planning your exceptional postage name to incorporate your organization’s logo or brand name. Besides the fact that it looks proficient, however, it is additionally the primary thing that your beneficiary will see as they get the package. While your package is on the way, it additionally will give for nothing promoting to you as the bundle moves from one office to another and changes hands a few times simultaneously.

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