July 12, 2024

If you have a small or new business and things are going well you will soon start to think about what is needed to expand. Commonly that will mean having a larger space from which to run your business. At that point, you can start to look for commercial property for sale in Kolkata to buy, or you can decide whether to carry on renting and just move into a larger space. They each have their own pros and cons so think about your finances, what your predicted income and sales looks like, the location and so on. Here is a look at what each looks like.


What the office space costs

There is a big difference in costs when you compare an office space for sale in sector 5 Kolkata versus what a lease in the same area might be. One you would have to have a 20 to 30% down payment for, in order to get a loan to buy a commercial property. The other you would have to pay likely 2 months rent plus a security deposit. The latter is a lot less! But owning the property gives you financial stability, an asset to lean on, and you are not being bothered by the owner by things like changes in lease agreements, rent going up, and other issues like not maintaining the property well. If you have a limited budget still you might not be ready to buy, so renting is the only choice. But buying means you are able to save money you would have paid in rent.


What kind of growth is your business going to go through?

If you are ready to find a commercial property for sale in Kolkata you need to have a good and hopefully accurate forecast of what growth your business is going to see. Making an inaccurate forecast and moving into a lease property that is too small, you can leave at the end of the lease and try again. Doing the same and then purchasing a property is a bigger mistake and a harder one to get out of. Wait until the growth has stabilized, or buy something a little larger than you think you need.


What the market looks like

Whether you lease or buy is also affected by what the market looks like. If prices are sky high and predictions say they are set to fall, this is not the time to invest. If prices are low and set to go up this is the perfect time to buy as you will be making money. Having to sell the property again too soon, at a low price, or even lower than what you paid is going to be a hard loss to recover from.



If you have seen office space for sale in sector 5 Kolkata that you think would work really well for your business, make sure you have the funds and that you business is at the right stage for such a move.


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