July 13, 2024
Elevator Company

Inadequate traffic and Elevator Company parking space on highways have been a concern in most Worldwide cities for years. With rising urban incomes, easy financing, and affordable cars entering the market, almost every average family has a car. The richest have 2 or more cars, which dramatically increases the vehicle population.


Lack of parking spaces and Worldwide preference for on-street parking has resulted in narrow lanes, obstructing traffic flow and making public transport impossible.


Elevator Parking System

The Multi-Level Car Parking System (MLCPS) offers a robust solution to Worldwide parking problems. These automated parking systems offer a safe, easy-to-use, and efficient alternative for drivers and owners.


Elevator Parking Offers A Variety Of Benefits. These include:


Land Savings

Automated car parking systems help you save a lot of lands. Because they are built vertically, they take up very little space.


In addition, the ability to park vehicles from house to house and bumper to bumper allows these multi-level car parking systems to use even less space. There is no need for stairs, ramps, or elevators, so more space is saved.


Environmental Savings

An automatic car parking system means lower car emissions and lowers fuel consumption. Cars stop as soon as they enter the parking area. No need to sit idle for long or go up and down the ramp.


Security Security

In an automated car Elevator Company parking system, the driver can easily leave the vehicle in a convenient, well-lit booth or area. The hydraulic car lift lifts the vehicle safely to the parking lot. Upon return, the driver waits in the safe pickup area until the vehicle is recovered and delivered.


Even the car is more secure in an automatic multi-level system. Without pedestrians, bad drivers/vaults, and busy parking attendants, there is no risk of dents, scratches, and the like.


Low Operating And Maintenance Costs

Given the advanced technology used for parking systems, most multi-level car parking systems are more than 20 years old. Operating costs are low and require very little maintenance. A good AMC that offers regular service can also extend the life of the system.


How Does Elevator Company Automatic Parking Work?

The front door of the parking lot will automatically open when the vehicle is identified by an automatic identification system such as a transponder or RFID. The system identifies the car and allows the door to the transfer area to be opened. The driver goes to the transfer area. You may need to position the vehicle as instructed.

The driver gets out of the vehicle and exits the transfer booth. Once you exit the area safely and confirm it by pressing ‘Enter’ on the control screen, the transfer area door closes. The car elevator takes the car up to the level with the parking space. Here, the palette moves the car to later storage space.

To retrieve the vehicle, the driver will swipe some kind of ID card. The car will be retrieved from its place, the car will be moved sideways in the elevator and down. After being safely placed in the transfer area, the transfer area door will open so that the driver can get in and out of his car.


Automatic Car Parking System From Vohr

As the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic car parking systems, Wohr offers a wide range of multi-level parking systems to help tackle parking problems in Worldwide towns and cities. Their two best-selling automatic car lift systems include:


Elevator Company

With proven stack and close principle, the elevator company creates even more space. Up to 8 overlapping levels and up to 7 grids simultaneously.


Vehicles are parked on parking surfaces with specially designed adjustable slider conveyor units. In every other grid, the key elevators ensure that the transport vehicles are lifted and lowered. They also act as grid inputs and outputs.

  • Reflexes
  • Compact parking up to 8 levels above ground
  • As well as variable layouts of 3-7 grids
  • Different cabin heights are possible on different levels.
  • Available with a load capacity of 2000 kg per platform / per car.
  • A combination of stacking and bringing cars closer
  • Free parking
  • Profitable technology
  • High level of operational and functional safety according to EN standards
  • Easy operation
  • Suitable for Car Service Centers, Car Dealerships, Car Rental, Commercial and Residential Buildings
  • Slim Parker Tower 557


The new Elevator Company parking system offers 23 overhead parking spaces in narrow and long floor plans. The central vertical elevator located in the transfer area takes the car up to one of 6 possible parking levels per system. 4 cars can be parked at each parking level.


The slender architectural features allow the soundproof wall to be incorporated. This protects the identity of residential areas from noise pollution from adjacent road and rail traffic. Narrow spaces can be used for additional parking spaces.



Elevator Company parking system for up to 23 cars

Available with 2000 kg and 2600 kg per platform / per car load capacity

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