May 30, 2024


Flame resistant INSULATION

flame-resistant protection

Giving designs dependability and imperviousness to fire that forestalls their endless breakdown is the mission of Acusfoc .

Going about as an expert, utensil, and certifier of Passive Fire Protection arrangements, Acusfoc plans to furnish the client with the choice that best suits the necessities in Building and Industry for consistency with the Technical Building Code (CTE) and the Regulation Fire Safety in Industrial Establishments.

Toward the finish of the work, will furnish the client with the accompanying archives expected by current guidelines for the authorization of an action.

Specialized Certificate Approved by the Official College of Industrial Technical Engineers.

  • Tests did in Officially Approved Laboratories of the items utilized.
  • Implement Company Certificate.
  • Specialized sheets of the items utilized.
  • transport flame-resistant protection

These are the items utilized relying upon the soundness or imperviousness to fire expected and the states of the components to be safeguarded:

INTUMESCENT PAINT for metallic designs, as long as 120 minutes for the most positive cases.

MINERAL FIBER MORTAR ( rock fleece projection ) for metal and substantial designs, as long as 240 minutes.

VERMICULITE MORTAR for metal and substantial designs, as long as 240 minutes.

GYPSUM OR PERLITE GYPSUM MORTAR for substantial designs, as long as 240 minutes.

FIRE-RETARDANT PANELS for metal and substantial designs and for fixing establishment entries, as long as 240 minutes.

Intumescent collars, intumescent sacks, intumescent frameworks, and intumescent putties for fixing establishment sections, as long as 240 minutes.



ABLATIVE CERAMIC PAINT for fire security of substantial designs.

As an expert, specialized and financial assurance, Acusfoc is enlisted in the ROLECE (Official Registry of Bidders and Classified Companies of the Public Sector) library conceded by the Ministry of Finance, to which just organizations that show this specialized and monetary dissolvability can apply. Acusfoc is likewise enlisted in the REA (Registry of Accredited Companies).

Everything our staff is prepared and accomplished in flame-resistant protection errands as well as in word-related risk avoidance.

We are furnished with specific apparatus for all circumstances, high-power three-stage projection machines for enormous regions, single-stage projection machines for little spaces, lifting stages for areas of troublesome access, and generator sets if there should arise an occurrence of blackouts.

Acoustic detachment

A sufficient degree of acoustic protection forestalls aggravations because of commotion or vibrations. These levels are restricted by the Noise Law 37/2003, the Technical Building Code, and the relating Municipal Ordinances.

At Acusfoc we have the means, hardware, and staff important to break down and analyze the most fitting development answer for every specific case.

The control of the execution of the work is completed, consistently, by the Engineers who had practical experience in acoustics, ensuring the degrees of acoustic protection expected through a Certificate Approved by the College of Engineers.

  • Commotion and protection declarations as per UNE-EN ISO.
  • Acoustic Measurements.
  • Acoustic protection against airborne commotion and vibrations .
  • Acoustic molding.
  • Modern commotion – Isolation of modern apparatus.
  • Protection of downspouts and engines .
  • Items utilized:
  • Against vibration drifting floors.
  • Divider frameworks – Insulating party dividers.
  • Acoustic roof frameworks. Bogus roofs.
  • Protection via fixing by projection of protecting mortar.
  • against vibration frameworks.
  • Acoustic retentive boards.
  • Hardware nooks – Acoustic corners – Silencers.
  • Acoustic screens.


Acusfoc acoustic estimations


At Acusfoc we have the vital estimation hardware to assess the degrees of acoustic protection of the various fenced-in areas.

Kinds of estimations:

Acoustic Audit.

Earlier acoustic estimation to evaluate the degrees of protection expected preceding the execution of the work.

Acoustic estimations of clamor and vibrations.

Ecological acoustic review.


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