June 6, 2024
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Since many years ago, the issue of inadequate traffic and Elevator Company parking space on highways has been a worry in the majority of cities Worldwide. As a result of increased urban earnings, easier access to finance, and the introduction of more reasonably priced vehicles into the market, practically every typical family now owns a vehicle. The wealthiest individuals typically have two or more vehicles, which contributes significantly to the total number of cars on the road.
Due to a shortage of parking spots and a worldwide preference for parking on the street, many cities now have lanes that are too narrow, which impedes the flow of traffic and makes it impossible to take public transportation.
Elevator Parking System
The Multi-Level Car Parking System, often known as the MLCPS, provides Worldwide with an effective answer to its parking issues. For drivers and property owners, these automatic parking systems provide an alternative that is risk-free, simple to operate, and effective.
There Are A Number Of Advantages To Using Elevator Parking. These Are Among Them:
Land Savings
The use of automated parking systems allows for significant reductions in land consumption. Because they are constructed in a vertical orientation, they require relatively little horizontal space.
In addition, the capacity of these multi-level car parking systems to park vehicles side by side and bumper to bumper enables them to utilise even less space than they would otherwise. There is no requirement for stairways, ramps, or elevators, which results in the saving of additional area.
Environmental Savings
The use of less gas and fewer pollutants comes hand in hand with the installation of an automatic parking system. The moment a vehicle enters the parking lot, it comes to a complete stop. There is no need to idly wait for a long time or repeatedly walk up and down the ramp.
Safety And Safety And Security
The driver of a vehicle using an automated automobile Elevator Company parking system is able to park the vehicle in a convenient and well-lit booth or area with relative ease. The vehicle is transported to the parking lot using the hydraulic auto lift in a secure and safe manner. Once the vehicle has been returned, the driver will wait in the secure pickup area for the vehicle to be recovered and delivered.
Even the vehicle itself feels safer thanks to the automatic multi-level security system. There is no possibility of dents, scratches, or other cosmetic damage when there are no pedestrians, reckless drivers or passengers, or harried parking attendants.
Costs Of Operation And Upkeep That Are Relatively Low
The majority of multi-level car parking systems have been around for more than 20 years, despite the improved technology that is used in parking systems. The operating costs are rather minimal, and very little maintenance is required. The lifespan of the system can also be increased by having a reliable AMC that performs routine maintenance on it.
How Does The Automatic Parking System At Elevator Company Work?
When a car is recognized by an automatic identifying system such as a transponder or RFID, the entrance door of the parking lot will open on its own automatically. The system recognizes the vehicle, at which point it is safe to unlock the door leading to the transfer area. The driver proceeds to the location designated for transfers. It’s possible that the position of the vehicle needs to be followed exactly.
The driver exits the transfer booth by getting out of the vehicle and walking away from the building. The entrance to the transfer area will shut automatically as soon as you have successfully left the hazardous area and confirmed it by pressing “Enter” on the control panel. Using the car elevator, one can bring their vehicle to the same level as their parking spot. At this point, the crew will transport the car to another storage spot later on.
To gain access to the vehicle, the driver will have to swipe a valid identification card. The car will be removed from where it has been parked, then it will be turned on its side in the elevator before being lowered. Following the passenger’s secure placement in the transfer area, the door leading to the transfer area will open, allowing the driver to enter and exit his vehicle.
Automatic Vehicle Parking Solution Provided By Vohr
Wohr, which is the most well-known manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic car parking systems in the world, provides a diverse selection of multi-level parking systems to aid in the alleviation of parking issues in the urban centers of countries all over the world. The following are their two automatic automobile lift systems that are selling the best:
Combiparker 555
Combiparker 555’s tried-and-true stack and close approach allow for the creation of even more space. You can have up to 8 overlapping levels, and you can use up to 7 grids at the same time.
On parking surfaces equipped with specifically built adjustable slider conveyor units, vehicles are parked in their designated spots. In every other grid but this one, the essential lifts are responsible for raising and lowering the transport trucks. In addition to that, they function as inputs and outputs on the grid.

• Reflexes

• Parking that is condensed up to eight levels above ground
• In addition to adaptable arrangements of three to seven grids
• The height of the cabin can vary depending on the level it is located on.
• Load capacity of 2,000 kilograms (kg) is offered for each platform and each car.
• A mix of parking cars closer together and stacking them.
• Free parking
• Innovative and lucrative technologies
• High level of both functional and operational safety in accordance with EN standards
• Simple in its operation
• Appropriate for Use in Automobile Service Centers, Automobile Dealerships, Automobile Rental Agencies, as well as Commercial and Residential Buildings
• Slim Parker Tower 557
The innovative parking system developed by the Slimparker 557 Elevator Company provides 23 overhead parking places in floor designs that are both narrow and lengthy. The car is transported by the central vertical elevator that is situated in the transfer area. There are a total of 6 parking levels that are feasible for each system. Each parking level has space for a maximum of four vehicles.
The incorporation of the soundproof wall is made possible by the architectural details that are quite slim. This helps to preserve the character of residential communities by reducing the amount of noise pollution caused by nearby road and train traffic. Additional parking spots can be created out of narrow places if necessary.
Parking solution for up to 23 vehicles, provided by the Elevator Company
Load capacities of 2,000 and 2,600 kg can be found per platform and car, respectively.

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