June 22, 2024

Are you looking for a way to move your car up different levels in a space-saving and comfortable way? Then our car lifts are the right product for you. Whether as an access to underground parking or for easy stowage of the car, our car lifts have been designed to offer maximum parking comfort and benefit to the user.

Our vehicle lifts can overcome a height difference of up to 11 meters. Here, the car can be raised and lowered both with and without a driver. Portable car lifts are installed both inside and outside buildings. Outside, portable car lifts are equipped with a roof that closes the pit when lowering. This roof can be adapted to the surrounding environment! The areas of application of our car lifts are found in single-family houses, apartment buildings, commercial and multi-storey car parks, as well as in industrial plants. The portable car lift makes an entrance ramp obsolete – which creates new parking space. Our products are already in use all over the world. Take advantage of our experience!


Car Lift: All information, dimensions and details about car lifts

The auto lift product category is gaining popularity to counter space constraints. Compared to the entrance ramp, a car lift brings many advantages. For example, the length of an entrance ramp is about 20 meters with a difference in height of 3 meters. Also, the ramps need to be cleaned in winter and can lead to water in the underground car park during heavy rains. We use elevators to bring vehicles safely from the street to the underground car park, thus helping to minimize surface waterproofing. Below, we try to answer the most important questions about car lifts.


How does a Portable car lift work?


From a purely technical point of view, most of these are electro-hydraulic lifting systems. These are characterized above all by their small required space. Depending on the lift, a scissor lift table or a two-post lift is usually installed.


As a user, the lift works similarly to the familiar passenger lifts. After opening the gate, the vehicle is taken to the lift platform. By pressing the up / down button, the lift starts moving. Unlike passenger lifts, this button must remain pressed continuously in most cases for safety reasons (dead man control). Upon arriving at the desired floor, the exit gate opens and the vehicle can be driven off the platform.


What size should a car lift be?


The dimensions of the car lift must be calculated according to the vehicles to be parked. The trend towards larger and heavier vehicles should also be taken into consideration here. For scissor lifts we recommend a pit of approximately 6mx3m. For two-post lifts 6mx3.4m.


How much weight can a car lift?


Our scissor lift can lift a 2.5 ton load as standard. This can be increased to 3.5to upon request. The two-post lift lifts 3 tons in the standard version and 5 tons after loading.


Can people ride on car lifts?

The car lifts we offer in accordance with the Machinery Directive can move both the vehicle and the driver.


How safe is a car lift?


All our car lifts are certified according to common safety standards. The elevators are operated by a dead man control during the journey. The lift platform is continuously monitored by sensors. All access points to the car lift are also continuously monitored by sensors. When installed outdoors, our telescopic roof closes the pit so there is no danger of falling. For maintenance of the hydraulic unit under the lift, the lift is equipped with safety supports to ensure safe access to the lift shaft.


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