May 28, 2024

PVC panels are a decorative and effective element that we can use on walls and ceilings to create cozy rooms. PVC cladding was developed during the 1970s in Europe. At that time, siding was used as a decorative finish for the house and had unique properties compared to other materials. Pvc wall panels have many properties: pvc wall panels are hollow and light; made up of a smooth surface for decoration and a system with a point and groove for easy placement. They also include polyvinyl chloride, which is a lightweight, high-quality material, which is why it has been installed in many homes, offices, and supermarkets.

We can find many benefits of a PVC coating; In addition to the decorative part, the PVC coating offers us thermal and acoustic insulation of the place where it is installed. It is also very useful to cover flaws that can be found on the walls of our home over time.

But then, what are the main advantages of PVC wall cladding? Next, we point out the advantages that we can find when covering a wall with PVC:

PVC panels for your walls: What advantages do they have?

Simple and fast placement. PVC panels are very easy to handle products, since they can usually be cut to size and easily, we can even install them ourselves. In addition, you will save a lot of time for its placement compared to other materials. No finishing is required after installation: no painting, no varnish.

Waterproof. One of the most outstanding advantages of these panels is their resistance to humidity. PVC panels do not deteriorate with humidity, they are waterproof and resistant to mold, therefore, they are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. They can also be used in other parts of the house, such as basements, attics, garages, in sleeping and living rooms, etc. …

Economic. Very interesting feature from an economic point of view. Many times we are overwhelmed by thinking what a work at home or the change of a room can be worth. PVC panels are very cheap, since if we compare the price per square meter with other materials, it will save a lot of money and installation time.

Hygienic. They guarantee an adequate and hygienic decoration of walls. PVC panels require little maintenance. Thanks to the smooth surface of the panels, dirt cannot penetrate into the pores and grooves, so by wiping the surface with a simple cloth, the surface can be easily cleaned. Also, as we said before, PVC is resistant to molds and is not a suitable material for the growth of bacteria.

Sure. It has been shown that PVC panels have a good reaction in the event of fire, which is why they are classified as a non-flammable product. 

Recyclable. PVC is 100% recyclable. These panels can be deposited as plastic material in any recycling center.

Therefore, as we have seen, PVC panel cladding is ideal for walls and ceilings in private homes, offices, hotels… The cladding possibilities are endless, such as: natural and imitation wood, natural stone, tiles and ceramics etc

Surely now it will be irresistible not to put a PVC wall, but what type of coating would you like to put in your house?

How to fix PVC panels to a wall without a box

Fixing PVC panels to a surface without the use of a batten is a process with the correct work steps, a smart choice of adhesive.

In the process that concerns us, the adhesive plays a fundamental role, so its characteristics and properties will determine the quality of the repair as a whole.

When DIY installation without boxes is possible

Mounting PVC panels on a wall or ceiling without a box is quite simple, and it is quite possible to cope with such a task with your own hands. This option requires the use of a minimum of tools, knowledge and effort. Among the main requirements, there are criteria on the state of the wall, which must be dry and level, as well as the choice of adhesive. It is not recommended to use this option for specific rooms with non-standard temperature differences and operating conditions.

When frameless fixing is not possibleThere are a number of cases when certain restrictions are imposed due to the fact that it is simply impossible to fasten plastic panels without a frame.

Among the main cases of this type are:

  • the wall has major flaws or irregularities;
  • the old coating is not removed or is partially removed;
  • the wall surface does not dry out.

Of course, this is not a complete list, since in each individual situation and room conditions may be different.

How to fix plastic wall panels simply to a wall without a frame: options

In the event that the wall panels are attached directly to a bare wall, the only option to fix them without additional devices and damage the wall is to glue them. The choice of adhesive, as well as the preparation of the surface, must be done responsibly. Depending on the quality of the materials used, as well as the thoroughness of the preparatory work, the final result will depend. In addition, the reliability and durability of the accessory may also vary based on these aspects.

What acts as a wall mount

In the event that the installation of PVC panels is carried out without a crate, a special glue acts as an attachment to the wall. The range of glue on the modern market is represented by a variety of brands and varieties. It is recommended to check the rating of individual brands and their manufacturers, choosing only the best products.

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